Tolo keigo: no strong of science can reveal the human heart

no powerful of science can reveal human heart

a male writers, virtually created the Japanese reasoning novel unique miracle: even the 134th straight wood award, the prize of the 6th case reasoning novel and into Japan’s big three crime novels ranking first; This year already, 53, said he is often readers have & other; Children’s imagination & throughout; , the name of a number of films and television shows are popular; His “suspect X dedicated”, “white night” and “destiny” and other works also conquered many Chinese readers, even stop, he’s & other; Throughout Japan mystery novels first &; Tolo keigo.

recently, is a new “whose is the cuckoo egg”, tolo keigo accepted our reporter’s interview via email.

& other; Throughout career &; Is in order to earn extra money

who never thought, today in reasoning has a remarkable achievement and a lot of fans in the literary world of tolo keigo in parts production company as an engineer, work for such a large leap, he admitted that he was initially feel monotonous work, to earn some extra money and want to rely on the payment, and the written open the floodgates, also let the reader you picked up.

reporter: used as an engineer, why is the path of writing, the most touches you & other; Throughout career &; What is the matter?

tolo keigo: I don’t hate my job. But, in the company for two years or so, the feeling is working life is extremely monotonous, so I would like to offer such a stereotypical life make something different. Other objective may need to spend money, or need to buy some items, such as the novel is different, so long as there is a pen and paper, where you can write. So I just use the time after work every day to write novels, and will send written work to go to the edo sichuan disorderly step awards. I hope outside of work, can have a different life support & hellip; & hellip; Although a steady income, but I always feel the salary is too small, so I want to if you can rely on bonuses, income to earn extra money or the payment, should be pretty good also.

reporter: the engineer’s experience, will bring you a more rigorous thinking, in now the mystery of what kind of impact?

tolo keigo: this has nothing to do with my background, it is as a reasoning creator must have one of the conditions. Anyway, logical loopholes in any field is should not be forgiven, not just writing, even if I don’t have this background, will also try to understand the relevant knowledge, let his own work is rigorous.

life little also not fast food

tolo keigo is a prolific writer, almost every year will have a new book, but not necessarily equate to high yield & other; Fast reading & throughout; , in many works of tolo keigo is not lack of social hot spots and fashion elements, exquisite one side is the lack of deep, if just read a beautiful story, it did, if want to go into high-level reading mystery novels, his works are also done. Most people today think of fast food, reading occupies most of the reading jiangshan, tolo keigo have different understanding.

reporter: for the fast-food type of modern reading whether agree, do you think reading should give people more of what is now?

tolo keigo: reading should be happy, whether banquet or fast food. Each person’s life will attend the dinner, little also not to eat fast food, the two are not contradictory.

reporter: suspense reasoning class work in the China market is more and more popular in recent years, and even became a kind of fashion, do you think this has a certain relationship with the life of people?

tolo keigo: everyone wants to know what is the truth & ndash; & ndash; This is never change curiosity, also is the root cause of the mystery novels can survive. Regardless of time, even if one day, the science and civilization of strong, but everything still need to control the human brain, human psychology is always the most mysterious things, and mystery novels the most keen, is to reveal the human brain thinking and psychological activities. I think, this is the mystery novels always have their own a piece of heaven and earth.

reporter: your early work is pure and fresh and smooth campus reasoning is given priority to, and then break through the traditional framework, began to set literariness, entertainment and other elements of the reasoning novel creation, in the book “the cuckoo egg is who,” whether the style will have change?

tolo keigo: I have been hoping to create such a work, and dedication of the suspect X, “white line” of different types of work. I try to use a new perspective to interpret the story, this perspective no X’s dedication to the suspect “and” white night “that kind of heavy, it is very warm, full of goodwill. From a certain perspective, the perspective of the sun is closer to my original intention of writing novels. From the current Japanese readers feedback opinion, they seem to like the work, it makes me very happy. Every reader has his own judgment, whether should be determined by their success.

every day drink a few cups

good at reasoning novel tolo keigo what is life? All of which can be reasoning from his works, from each copy of his reasoning is a story in the novel, and put together all of the mystery novels to reasoning, got is a real tolo keigo.

reporter: when writing, you will own or the relatives and friends around as the prototype of characters in the novel, the story of the inspiration comes from where?

tolo keigo: novel first should be a good story, a let people like to listen to a good story, it is very important. On top of this, if you have some relative professional, this paper will make work graces many. Good story should be follow, don’t even need too complex architecture, if you are sure this story is good enough, as long as you finish it in a certain order. Inspiration is ubiquitous, but how to get inspiration to write out a challenge. And I don’t seem to have the habit of writing friends into novel.

reporter: do you also will encounter bottlenecks in writing, how do you spend?

tolo keigo: when I met the bottleneck, often can not stop to write, to do something and nothing to do, over a period of time, I’ll try to write down. If still not, I would give up, try other ways. I don’t want to see writing as a kind of pressure, it will lose a lot of happiness.

reporter: some people say that, your book with a & other; Children gas throughout the daydream &; , whether to agree, his writing is how to keep young mentality?

tolo keigo: thank you. Do you think I am still young, no doubt, I will be very happy, but I think the style should be the content of each work, should not have a fixed pattern.

reporter: the appearance of the life you are curious, readers, can do a self assessment?

tolo keigo: my work time is usually 12 noon to 4 am the next day. However, it seems that this is not a worth showing off living habits. Every day I usually creation time in 4 hours, the rest of the time seems to be with all of you. I like sports, read the readers of the journal of cuckoo egg is who must know that I like most. I like to drink a few cups in the wine house, every day there are a lot of mystery writer is my best condition. Of course, I never get drunk. Reporter wang ying