Tolstoy told Chekhov: you than Shakespeare

our reporter demanded whiskers wang reported Peter & middot; Keeling (Peter Sekirin) compiled by the new book “recall Chekhov” (Memories of Chekhov) was published in Britain on July 5, the book data taken from the Yalta and Moscow Anton & middot; Chekhov archives, as well as the New York public library, national library of Russia and the United States library of congress, integrates relevant letters, diaries, essays, and his family, colleagues, friends and contemporaries impression of Chekhov, evaluate and memories, are available in English for the first time. The New York review of books published the book excerpt on the same.

according to novelist and playwright, Peter & middot; Nie ji recalled, Chekhov had told him to add, visit Leo & middot; Tolstoy’s experience.

& other; He is very ill and bedridden. Throughout the &; Chekhov tell nie ji, & other; Finally, I want to say goodbye, he took my hand and said: & lsquo; Kiss me. & rsquo; I leaned over, when he kissed me, with the voice of a still long, old man, whispered in my ear: & lsquo; You know, I hate your drama, Shakespeare was a lousy writer, but I think you play better than his. & rsquo; Throughout the &;

tor weng clearly see the eyes & ndash; & ndash; Twice, the first time watched Shakespeare’s low, the second had misjudged Chekhov. The latter to “sea gull”, “Pennsylvania uncle”, “the cherry orchard” and “three sisters” handed down from ancient times, be remembered as one of the greatest dramatist.