Tom Ford: I never wear underwear virgo’s sexiest designer (FIG.)

to have a glass of water, and then the waitress off, Tom Ford, a mouth, you can see his powerful aura. He told us that, although this is his first visit to Beijing, but he has been here many a time traveling incognito. Whether, Beijing Opera, or near the front door and wonderful food, he know a little. & other; A good designer should know how to live & throughout; So, Tom Ford began his stories you know and don’t know.

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Tom Ford was born in Texas. In 1986, Chloé The internship; In 1990 to join the Gucci, make this facing bankruptcy miraculously returned to luxury brand former a square matrix; In 1994 promoted to Gucci’s creative director; In 2000, Gucci after buying YSL as YSL creative director. Left Gucci in 2004, operating their own brand Tom Ford.

Tom Ford often sign said: & other; We virgo people are perfectionists. Throughout the &; By that standard, Ford of perfectionism should be the most perfect man in fashion. Actress Rita Wilson called & other; Throughout the world’s most sexy gay men &; Tom Ford, whether his sexy stubble, various design, or express desire of ads, all became synonymous with perfect.

come to China this time, Tom Ford is made a special trip to his two men’s clothing shops. An open near the portman hotel in Shanghai, another open the IFC center in Hong Kong & ndash; & ndash; Are luxury gathered place. & other; Actually had my schedule in Beijing and one is to celebrate the store opened in Beijing, because time relationship, however, some delayed. But should open up soon, about at the end of June. Throughout the &; Tom Ford said.

however, the set up shop in China, he clearly doesn’t care whether the most conservative of the Chinese people to accept his express desire of design. & other; My clients are very proficient in things and do not fall convention, of course, they will think that this design will let them shine at the moment, believe me. Throughout the &; Tom Ford cunning evil laugh, have answers. It seems that he want to use his sexy bible into China thoroughly.

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