Tomb legend three men’s grave From the western han dynasty tao pig was destroyed for two and a half

tomb pottery in the correspondent Qin Ying perturbation

in xuzhou city tongshan zone LiuQuan Town jurisdiction it had a total of 163 large and small hills, is that the mountains are a few farmers took. They are interested in is not how to develop mineral resources, but those who is said to be buried deep in the bottom of the tomb.

the correspondent Qin Ying

express reporter XingZhiGang

tombs legend aroused greed

ChanZhuang village is a small village in tongshan zone LiuQuan Town, surrounded by a LiuQuan Town 163 peak.

in the village with the legend of ancient tombs, ChanZhuang village hill was buried under a government, there are a lot of silver and gold. Such a legend became interested in dinner most topics, but also the greed of reminded me.

old 47 years old this year, the miners worked for several years, identify the kind of understanding of soil. Plus on TV and newspaper to see some of the cultural relic identify relevant reports, thought this was the half of the experts, the legendary treasure moment playing the old inner desire.

in February 2012, with little light in every corner of the old and the village, small wei in the hills near the village tried twice to live. Unexpectedly let them successfully dug up a bronze mirror and three or four POTS, earthenware bowl, a ceramic pigsty. Their old be reap the benefits of the grave, the in the mind time contemplating to go. His goal is the hill by the villagers spread for a long time.

stolen two night nothing

at 8 PM on March 8th, old take a handful of military from his shovel, a pair of iron fork, also called xiao wei, light took the tools in the on the hill. Old quickly find prior survey and good location, three people division of excavation.

to dig for a while, old excitedly cried: & other; Fast, there is something under it. Throughout the &; Small white and light listen to me, so make for digging up immediately. From 8 PM dig until 12 o ‘clock at night, three men took turns digging. Hours passed, however, failed to anything. Sweaty old said to the small white, light, & other; Come back tomorrow. Throughout the &;

9 March 8 p.m., old, small, light with a tool up the hill again. From 8 a.m. to 12 points, three people a lookout, a in the hole digging, a earth in the hole. After hours of digging, taps already has 1.5 meters wide, 5 meters deep.

the third hill was caught

March 10 in the evening, the three men took the tool on the hill. In old they three people up the hill for the third time, tongshan LiuQuan district public security bureau police station’s police are also quietly near the hill.

in order not to startle, policemen are in half an hour away from the hill areas of the country is out of the car and close all lighting tools, turn off the phone silently walk up the hill. Arrived at the foot of the mountain, according to the established plan, the police are divided into three groups, fleeing from the east, west, south three possible direction for attacking the suspect.

king pan led by capturing group was the first to reach the top of the mountain, a lookout grave robbers saw someone up the hill, run. Pan wang led the police and security team gave chase. Heard a rustling on the rest of the two groups, then the past, control of the stolen hole at the side of the two men quickly.

finally, chasing after more than 1000 meters, wang pan it before a grave robbers firmly ground pressure in the body.

stolen relics destroyed

the policemen overnight to review old three of them, according to the three account, before the police in their house seized their twice with the earthenware bowl, pottery, ceramic pigsty, warehouse well, drawer box, etc.

the ceramic as a funerary object pigsty there is a pig, old they because of piglet in the grave and soil adhesion, old living to break down the pig. So the pig head, only half of the body.

the relevant experts preliminary appraisal, xuzhou museum stolen the tombs of the eastern han dynasty, the western han dynasty period respectively, the grave tomb owner shall be the local rich or minor official at that time. Stolen artifacts of historical value.

at present, three people on suspicion of stealing tomb has been detained tongshan district public security bureau.