Tomb-raiding circle “slang” revelation, “pot” “inverted bucket” “double meat dumpling

tomb-raiding, part of sunshine, folk call & other; Dig graves & throughout; , not only break the law, but also ethics. Already so, tomb raiders thief when contact has its own set of code, which is called the slang. Slang, also called lingo, secret, commonly known as & other; Incision & throughout; . The emergence of language is the need of communication and expression, and its first function is said to let others know. But the opposite of slang, outsiders are often confused about.


grave is not only a kind of emotional sustenance of close relatives of the deceased, is also a sign of social civilization. Traditional Chinese moral codes of burial is always protected, have the law to protect tombs in the qin dynasty. But under the great benefits temptation, the prohibition of dynasties tomb-raiding phenomena. Wits to get real money, these looters, dry shady business deals, “said the others don’t understand the slang & hellip; & hellip;

& other; Throughout the pan &; & other; Inverted bucket & throughout; & other; Turn over the meat reed & throughout;

in the industry in the grave, maybe you think is most frequently used word – & other; Tomb-raiding & throughout; Never say, in fact, circles.

in the past, in shaanxi, shanxi and other tomb raiders, the most like to use & other Throughout the pan &; To represent the grave. The pot was meant to build by laying bricks or stones hearth, people go out early to make a living, cooking was a temporary build by laying bricks or stones a triangular platform, put the pot, and then make a fire to cook, so call & other Throughout the pan &; . Later & other; Throughout the pan &; Evolved into married life starts, boarding with borrow to grave, tomb raider is very image. The corresponding is, if & other; Pan team up & throughout; Do not, it is a grave, but return empty-handed, also called & other; Empty & throughout; .

in henan, north jiangsu and other places, like called grave tomb raider & other; Dig (plane) sweet potato & throughout; ; But the southern tomb raiders tomb-raiding as & other Turn over the meat reed & throughout; . The context is almost & other; Double salted fish & throughout; The north tomb raiders common slang for the past. Why call tomb-raiding & other; Turn over the meat reed & throughout; , & other Double salted fish & throughout; , which in turn associated with grave lap on the body of Cain said.

& other; Inverted bucket & throughout; , is at present a lot of readers know tomb-raiding slang, many grave tomb-raiding main characters in the novel, regardless of all his mouth often this sentence, in fact, this is wrong. In the past, only around Beijing and northeast, such as shenyang where tomb raiders will say so. The so-called & other; R & throughout; , that is, the coffin. Inverted bucket is out of the coffin, nature is grave.

& other; Dig the mushroom & throughout; & other; Big bore & throughout;

years of the republic of China, Beijing a troo bandits from the tomb raiders, often describe tomb-raiding as & other; Fried grave & throughout; . The emergence of the word, and grave means innovation, has a direct relationship.

traditional grave with luoyang shovel is a kind of earth and mining tools, widely used in modern military activities of explosive, grave robbers attention, also use, a blast a hole, the coffin, buried with exposed in an instant, high efficiency. Tomb-raiding pioneered the use of this blasting method, should be the tomb raiders of the republic of China when warlords, one of the biggest impact was sun dianying.

sun dianying excavating clear dongling is & other; Fried grave & throughout; . He was worried about blasting will make a big noise and external pretends to test the new mines in advance. And modern looters are more clever than sun dianying, technology progress, the directional blasting, remote control blasting, blasting expansion and other advanced means of military operations, all apply to the grave.

the ancient grave circle around Beijing slang much more special, & other; Fried grave & throughout; Is only one of the representative languages in the years of the republic of China Beijing tomb-raiding circles, like & other; Dig the mushroom & throughout; , & other Double chamber & throughout; , & other Sweep the warehouse & throughout; , & other Filter hole & throughout; Is the tomb raiders often said in Beijing and hebei area. & other; Double chamber & throughout; Refers to the grave in mining, if it’s & other; Big bore & throughout; Is used that is commonly used in modern archaeology & other; Jie top & throughout; Technique, directly from the grave dug up, a dig exactly; & other; Filter hole & throughout; Is a common grave tomb raiders, robberies have been stolen, slang.

& other; Plane antique & throughout; & other; Plane Gua fructus & throughout;

the ancient tomb raiders are unknowingly their behavior is a crime, in their view, grave and work out the normal means to make a living, make a fortune is no different, henan luoyang area in the past, tomb-raiding slang called & other; Plane antique & throughout; Which show is this mindset.

& other; Plane antique & throughout; When appeared in the late qing dynasty to the republic of China is more popular. The author found that circles in recent years local investigation, still in use. This slang is this way: when people called the predecessors’ cultural relics left by the antiquities of the republic of China, or antiques, antiques, antiques, etc., twenty-five years (1899), the qing government to build connection of luoyang and kaifeng los mutuality railway (now part of longhai railway) through MangShan, the destruction of a large number of ancient tomb, would be thrown everywhere. At first no one want to these antique, folk think unlucky, and the dealer to purchase. Can be sold, the local people suddenly woke up, with the tool on MangShan plane antiques to sell. On the ground plane to began to dig the grave, gradually, & other; Plane antique & throughout; Became a synonym for local tomb-raiding. Otherwise, & other; Plane antique & throughout; Said today (Monday) is the result of local & other; Plane Gua fructus & throughout; Behavior.

it is important to note that the HongBang tomb-raiding slang name & other; Driving away tickets & throughout; . Underworld called seized hostages behavior & other Ransom & throughout; , this is for the living, the author speculates & other; Driving (frame) low ticket & throughout; Said may, & other; Low ticket & throughout; Should generation refers to the dead body.

tomb-raiding is unpopular, so people said the grave as & other Rob meeting & throughout; , which later became a slang.

& other; Salted fish & throughout; In & other; Oriental mummy & throughout;

in circles, said more than tomb-raiding behavior itself slang, other related also have corresponding lingo, such as call for body is various, one of these and other Salted fish & throughout; That is very popular in the ancient grave circles.

tomb raiders mouth & other; Salted fish & throughout; Refers to the grave in rotten body. Since ancient times to today, people in order to fish can eat over a long period of time, often the fish pickled in salt, to ensure immortality. Why tomb raiders bodies as & other; Salted fish & throughout; And may be related to Chinese ancient northern national embalming customs.

in Chinese history, also has a real use & other; Salted fish pickled principle & throughout; The phenomenon of the bodies. In the tenth century, after the death of the liao people no matter how far to back home for burial. Liao country in northeast China, is mainly the khitans, herding, hunting, fishing for a living, like preserved salted fish bacon. To let the body does not decay, they inspired from the pickled, in dealing with a body also so: cut open the belly first, evisceration, drain off water, and then use the great salt with spices pickled, made & other; Salty resin & throughout; . That song humanities but Jane “lu at the fact that” records: & other; The home of the riches and honour, the person with the dead, to blade broken belly, take the intestines and stomach of polyester, real vitriol with xiang salt, five of the mining seam, with sharp reed tube in the skin, drain the rule and do & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

in fact, this method is a commonly used technique, processing of beef and mutton instead of salted fish, called & other; Do 羓 & throughout; . The customs still remain in the northern nomadic people, make & other; 羓 & throughout; Bacon, equivalent to the han people. So treated bodies, for the resin level difference and has a different name, the emperor’s body called & other; Emperor 羓 & throughout; .

& other; Emperor 羓 & throughout; With the ancient Egyptian & other; Mummy & throughout; As famous, western scholars called & other; Oriental mummy & throughout; . One of the most famous in the history of Chinese & other; Emperor 羓 & throughout; Was the body of the liao emperor taizong YeLvDeGuang. Datong first year (947), head of the liao army against the northern song dynasty liao emperor taizong, sudden death in hebei LuanCheng disease. It was a hot day, after he put his body & other; Salted fish pickled & throughout; .

with & other; Salted fish & throughout; As famous slang, & other; Meat dumplings & throughout; .

rice dumplings bandage wrapped tightly, and people is similar to the body. People dead, the worst is to wear old clothes, parcels, sometimes with hemp rope tied, and rice dumplings. So say, the body as & other; Meat dumplings & throughout; , grave as & other; Turn over the meat reed & throughout; , it is easy to understand.