Tomokazu miura and 60 annual expenditures autobiography have never cheating with momoe yamaguchi said marriage

60 years in life, career 40 years, married for 30 years. This is Japan’s actor tomokazu miura and happy life so far.

when I was young, he was in “the izu dancer”, “the ancient capital”, etc in the classic Japanese film star actor, handsome gentle image in a generation. Now, he is still active in Japan. Although hair is gray, the figure is slightly fat, but elegant constant, personable.

when I was young, he and pop idol momoe yamaguchi, 21, into the realm of marriage, to make the day JiaoNv give up a lot of love, only willing to wash their hands make soup soup for him. Now, two people already through 30 years of life, still love each other, JuAnJiMei, in dazzling in the entertainment industry created & other; Taking your hand, and son xielao & throughout; The love of myth.