Tong mouth leaf: yen banknotes immortal juvenile literature

in the history of Japanese literature, Tong mouth is in a period of almost can be seen as a & other; Big bang literature & throughout; Outside, such as the writer, gulls, shimazaki fujimara digging holes, rich photo so famous in the hand in photograph reflect, created the prelude of Japanese literature towards the world. The head of Japan’s only two writers on the yen, one is & other; The great writer & throughout; Though natsume soseki, another is Tong burning mouth. Coincidentally, the two writers began in the late life of literary creation, and the time is very short, but Tong burning mouth with its within twenty-four years of life experience, in less than five years to create a lot of popular works.

yilin publishing this year’s & other; Lin Wenyue translation of classical Japanese & throughout; During the past two years is rare comprehensive binding, paper, content is relatively good, have the sincerity of a set of books. The 13th night is a book.

light plain Tong mouth is novel, paved with xu disease, is not much qifeng protrusions on the plot setting, emotional performance is usually adopt relatively enduring and restrained style. Only heart circle, writer of character, action, language, psychology, etc the depict of detail, ability to appreciate her words in many places are not as easy as seen on the surface of the. In leaf of many articles, I have really felt she was in between the lines reveal a sense of sadness, sometimes this kind of sad feeling deep, almost dark, even three JiYan together like in a balloon flower, build a kind of atmosphere.

is about the writer’s life has created this kind of style. For livelihood Tong leaf was born poor, has endured hardships in the world. Facing the helpless life situation, even if is again strong person also hard to avoid can have more regrets. Leaf made efforts to change my life, but positive writing is still like a drop in the ocean. Tong burning mouth may not despair, don’t complain, but in between the lines of writing novels but also reveal the petitions miraculously to complaints and criticism of the state of a community, not directly but profound, appeal reflects a true heart.

is good at writing, also good at depicting the underlying social diversity, the affair is very delicate, the balance of marriage. Imagine a just after green soon began writing women, a wracked by life has been hard for survival of women, is how to put so much and did not contact her own life is behaved so mellow, the apt? I think this is absolutely a extraordinary powers of observation and thinking ability. Is not a genius, she just made a life for one who sets his mind on it.

if Tong mouth is just a description of such kind of popular literature writer, that she is absolutely impossible to reach such a high position in the history of Japanese literature. Tong mouth is novel, the most is that she set of open end, she did not give a clear answer a lot of novels, we can only through some of the minor characters in the novel expression and stories are some of the bedding to guess story ended at last. Leaf for open at the end of the application, than the west’s most good writer carver using this technique, no less.

in the novel, is often use a lot of allusions, waka, poems, and in many parts of the expression takes the form of allusion to replace, similar in Chinese classical poetry creation & other; Because & throughout; . This technique makes the novel seem banal, but for later generations of readers and foreign readers, this increases the difficulty in reading. Selected the 13 nights stories Tong mouth is the most representative ten novels, every story is written, each situation is different, the only approximation is the protagonist of the story is not very lucky, this is about the author of a case. Tong burning mouth words are good at, especially good at through the description of scenery mood, to show the plot.

I guess Tong burning mouth can appear on the yen notes, is due to its played an essential role in the history of Japan & ndash; She inherited murasaki shikibu, less clear the door to the peace age writers, such as the classical style, female image of the author’s followed DE fu reed catkins, well wind, sakaguchi AnWu, kawabata and others work to get the inheritance & ndash; To this day, even in Japan detective stories writer of tolo keigo’s women, also can see while still, belong to Tong mouth leaf trace.