Totalitarian victim wakes people: Nobel laureates, poet shi bo card

our correspondent selphie from Shanghai

polish poet, the 1996 Nobel Prize winner the vistula Eva & middot; Shi bo card, on February 1, died at his home in Krakow, Poland, has died at the age of 88. The shy, talk softly light gas, cigarette in the hand of female poet, lung cancer has been a long time before he died. According to her private secretary told the media, the poet & other; Naturally, left us, in his sleep & throughout; .

the Nobel committee called shi bo silk CARDS & other; Parnassus Mozart & throughout; . In her poetry & other; Holds subtle satire on human nature and doubt & throughout; , the use of humor in an unexpected way, is considered not only has profound political, and cynicism at the same time. The seemingly simple words, but subtle and profound, have a haunting beauty. She is good at using simple object and nuanced observations to reflect the grand theme, are often some daily image & ndash; Like an onion, cat in an empty house, a museum of ancient fan, reflects the love, death and loss of time.

write poetry in 60 years, less than 400 first published; Published 16 volumes of poetry. Famous poem “love at first sight”, “home”, “under a star”, “write resume”, “the view of pornography”, the end and the beginning of “love at first sight” stimulate the polish film director giorgio chiellini, rove, “red”. Taiwan cartoonist several meters also influenced deeply by shi bo silk card poetry, its popular “left, right” inspiration comes from the same “love at first sight”.

& other; The tragedy & throughout;

people began to mourn shi bo card died.

last year, the polish President awarded the comoros, shi bo silk card of Poland’s national highest honor medal of white eagle, in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the polish culture. For shi bo silk card died, comoros, writes: & other; For decades, she USES the optimism and faith in beauty and words power, inspiring poles. Throughout the &; Shi bo silk card, he said, is the polish and the guardian of the spirit.

polish culture minister bogdan & middot; We DE royer, said in a statement, shi bo silk card is a integrity, loyalty, hate any form of the good name. & other; She understand other people, understanding the weak, tolerance of others with great. Throughout the &; Said in a statement, & other; On the other hand, she only expect their humble alive. Throughout the &; While the polish foreign minister sikorski said on Twitter, shi bo wire card died & other; For the polish culture is an irreparable loss & throughout; .

the poet was the agent of become a media interview candidates, and the opportunity to shi bo silk card book publishing and reprints of articles one in advance & other; Warm up & throughout; . & other; Health permits, shi bo silk card has not been continuous creation of new poetry. Before she will book into a book of poems published, though she always have this idea. But the poetry will be published in the year & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Her poetry translators, such as China’s Taiwan poet lliillyy, declined in time weekly reporter shi bo silk card and died at the same time of the interview, unexpectedly appeared in the mail & other; Poetry reprint is really good news & throughout; Sigh with emotion.

media began to report the poet’s death. In praise poetry shi bo silk card at the same time, none of the media to forget that her smoking for many years, suffering from lung cancer, especially in the New Yorker personalized style was developed to get incisively and vividly, and naturally make readers think of their own health: & other; On the day before yesterday in the morning, my wife came out of the shi bo silk card recent poetry anthology “here”, looking at the cover photo of more than 80 – year – old polish poet, her eyes squint, slightly a cigarette in his hand. & lsquo; Do you know? I was worried about shi bo silk card. I hope she don’t smoke any more. & rsquo; Throughout the &;

those who mourn for the dead in her voice, with the noise of the living. It is not shi bo silk card noise for the first time in life. As early as in 1996, about her & other; Awarded the Nobel Prize for literature, whether called & throughout; Debate broke the long-term live almost & other; Seclusion & throughout; Like the life of the old lady’s calm, she even rare accepted the New York times and the Los Angeles times long interview. Later, to avoid the reporter, moved to a reporter shi bo silk card can’t find, there’s even no telephone remote place to live.

& other; She was scared that time seems to some. Throughout the &; Shi bo card in English translator of poetry, northwestern university literature professor Claire & middot; Kavanagh in a media interview, & other; Her one of the few friends called the incident & lsquo; The tragedy & rsquo; She has since stopped for several years, to write a new poem. Throughout the &;

& other; No matter what you are talking about political & throughout;

is different from a Nobel Prize in Poland poet vyacheslav & middot; Milosz, shi bo silk card is not a daredevil dissidents communist era. Don’t like her in the same year was nominated and become a candidate of Poland poet has bigger nev & middot; Herbert, shi bo silk card poem is the most let a person admire its & other; Accurate language & throughout; , rather than a political metaphor.

but this does not mean that shi bo silk card in the 60 years of poetry career has never been involved in politics. In fact, politics in her career has immeasurable influence & ndash; She was once to & other; Social realism & throughout; The style of writing, and the belief of communism. She had a warm praise communist & ndash; She later claimed it was & other; Dark age & throughout; And refused to acknowledge & ndash; But in its career during the second half of the poetry, she stood against the communist camp, with liberal thinking brushing past. This award in 1996, and died today, has become the talk of people warm. However, few people mention shi bo silk card early & other; Social realism & throughout; Adjustment after the writing style, is a critical attitude to cater to the official results.

in fact, as a & other; World war ii & throughout; Surviving vulnerable women, shi bo silk card early poems express is the guilt of his own in the nation, as well as to the devastated country misery. These color dark separately published poetry did not attract the attention of the critics, but in 1949, when she published her first work, editors found praises her poems is no socialist construction works, and its deep emotional appeal more, weak so severely criticized by the official critics. Like the Soviet union and eastern Europe the examination of the text to speech big critical, as it is said that that year in Poland even middle school students are involved in critical shi bo silk card.

shi bo silk card self adjusted began to publish some politically correct poetry, mainly included in “the reason we’re alive” (1952) and “ask myself” (1954) two poetry anthologies. The theme of the poem is primarily against Poland tendency of westernization, the struggle for peace, actively involved in the construction of socialism. In these poems, she write a narrative poem in profiling mode, & other; Syria’s good people completely is a good man, Syria’s bad is bad & throughout; .

& other; Now it is hard to understand the situation, that I find it hard to explain. I am saving human enthusiasm, but chose a bad way. But I do it is really out of love for humanity. I gradually understand that we should do is not the love of human, but to fall in love with a specific person. We can try to understand other people, but can’t save them. Throughout the &; Shi bo silk card in a Los Angeles times interview speak out.

this is perhaps she later insisted & other; My poetry there is no relationship with politics, they wrote and throughout life &; Because of her poetry “the age of children” is accused the political penetration of daily life.

& other; It is a profound lesson for me. When young I made a mistake. Although is of good faith, unfortunately, many poets have made the same mistake as I do. Later they due to change the ideology behind bars. I was lucky to survive, perhaps that is because I in essence is not a real political activists. Throughout the &;