Traces the history of nearly hundred years of marriage marriage cost is higher and higher

recently, a 2011 Chinese marriage status report has caused the social from all walks of life. Survey reported that nearly eighty percent of the singles surveyed said they male monthly income of four thousand yuan of above is good to fall in love. Wuhan citizens ms luo said, now, marry a daughter-in-law like they hollowed out, the cost was 10000 times more than her.

40 years wedding costs to turn over ten thousand times

with the younger son to pick wedding supplies of wuhan citizens ms could not help but sigh, 40 years ago when she and her husband got married, almost didn’t spend any money. Married ten years ago, the eldest son had to spend tens of thousands of yuan. Next month, the younger son married, budget in 1 million yuan.

in the 70 s: 100 yuan can get married

ms said, when she got married in the husband’s family has sent a bicycle. & other; We were married in 1971, marriage is to get a certificate. Throughout the &; Ms remember, when marriage is a new people to civil affairs bureau together take a picture for the red flag, oath to license will be ready to go home to live, don’t need to spend any money. But her husband’s family’s condition is good, so please some relatives to sit at home. & other; Then eat anything in a planned way, the home office table for three, a total cost less than one hundred yuan. Throughout the &;

80 s: 3000 yuan to get married very air

in the 80 s, the wedding photos became popular, will also be new furniture in the home, the more wedding budget multiplied, but 3000 yuan basically can take home daughter-in-law style.

& other; My colleague is married in 1983. Throughout the &; Ms recall, have been popular at that time to rent a car pick up the bride, not expensive, 30 yuan a car two laps. However, car rental is very tight, have lined up, etc. In order to rent a decent car, the groom TuoShou people and red envelopes, light dot money spent hundreds of dollars. After simple, the cost of the price level is low, a table just 50 ~ 60 yuan, home appliance’s most expensive also however 500 yuan.

ms said with a smile, at that time, men will carpentry, to some extent, most of the furniture is diy, save for a fee. Ms pull his fingers, said a colleague get married put firecrackers, and the sequins fireworks, deliver and joyful, also add the new bedding, total cost 3000 yuan.

& have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent at the beginning of new century: don’t buy a house only spend 50000 yuan

when their children start a family, has entered the 21st century. & other; The elder son got married in 2000, not to buy a house spent 50000 yuan. Throughout the &; Ms remember, the eldest son married don’t need to worry about the state of the house, just need renovated the old house. When decorating cheap, flooring, do condole top, the kitchen toilet paste ceramic tile total cost 20000 yuan.

& other; And then to buy home appliance and furniture, and almost 10000 yuan. Throughout the &; Ms said home TV and washing machine was bought not long, DaErXi don’t mind don’t buy a new, only add the refrigerator air conditioning and some furniture, the total cost is not big. A wedding banquet did 15 table, a table for $1000, the total price of 15000 yuan. & other; Marshal and wedding photos and please do a simple ceremony, spent 5000 yuan only. Throughout the &;

a: next month, 1 million yuan to marry daughter-in-law

turn the younger son got married, it was greatly different, first of all the family will be the gift of 2000 yuan. Next, wedding photos of 3000 yuan, 5000 yuan, please wedding after all the money. ROM, says ms daughter-in-law is the better man, all senior banquet, jewelry, wedding dress, light diamond ring is close to 20000. To travel, wife wanted to go, and 10000 yuan.

& other; We calculated that 100000 dollars is not enough. Throughout the &; Ms said that if 70 and 200000 by buying a new house decorate household electronics, the daughter-in-law a Shared 1 million to pick up the door. & other; This is not, daughter-in-law said after marriage also want to buy a car for the 200000 or so. Throughout the &; Ms smiled and said, now, marry a daughter-in-law like they hollowed out, the cost was 10000 times more than her.

on February 15, DCCI Internet data center official said, a second-tier cities netizens on valentine’s day is the most welcome, plans to spend one thousand yuan per capita. In addition, many netizens have also dry out their own love. Accounts reporter survey found that chengdu people love this year is higher than a year, most people say love spending around thirty percent of its revenues.

parents: love to marry the most spent one thousand yuan

main gift: male send fabric, cold cream, female handkerchief, homemade cloth shoes, with letter & hellip; & hellip;

yellow parents’ love in the middle of 80. , Mr. Huang said that s mainly with gifts and letters of affection, gift between lovers is a single, generally take a few yuan to buy a girl a gauze of male silk scarves, scarf (now), cold cream, girl, send handkerchief, homemade cloth shoes, of male lovers together photography is a luxury consumption, more popular precious creatures are few yuan a watch, or is about to marry only when consumption, ring are processed with a coin; Watching movies, eating out less consumption such as shopping, until marriage, & other; Love zhang & throughout; Is one thousand yuan.

son: fall in love in the past year spent thirty thousand yuan

main gift: cosmetics, gold jewelry, apple mobile phone, tourism consumption & hellip; & hellip;

in love with his girlfriend in huang said, he is afraid two days every year, a valentine’s day is February 14, the other is a girlfriend’s birthday. In addition, there is Chinese valentine’s day, National Day, Mid-Autumn festival, Christmas, Spring Festival, my parents and girlfriend’s birthday etc. Let the little yellow & other; Fear & throughout; .

& other; I don’t know what love cost contains, last year I buy gifts for his girlfriend and family, weekend and holidays with his girlfriend of consumption, estimate spent 30000 yuan. Throughout the &; Yellow bitter memories from suining out love spending last year, according to accounts for roughly a third of his income.