Traditional Chinese wedding taboo: the couple knew the woman home stay not (FIG.)

the Chinese traditional wedding, in addition to etiquette and clothing to pay attention to, some custom taboo is the traditional Chinese thoughts and values directly. If want to understand China’s traditional culture, traditional ideas and values, is indispensable. Let us know about the Chinese wedding some taboos.


a: marry the taboo of time

married in time to try to stay away from these three: in June, in March and July. Tradition that the lunar June bride married also called & other And his wife & throughout; Because June is half of the year, in June is equal to half of the bride, bride is equivalent to a former ways, couples divorce easily. If suddenly have immediate relatives died in the home, the average annual unfavorable in-laws are also unfavorable to the marriage registration, otherwise is & other; Life into death throughout the &; Affront. Another lunar march and July is haunted by ghosts more days. For elders, these a few married in particular, the head is not so good, so to avoid as far as possible.

& have spent

married three days after, accompanying the bride groom, back commonly known as & other; Recalls & throughout; , recalls that day must be back before sunset in-laws, if really too late, newcomer in her home stay, remember that knew not, must be sleeping separately, which may cause family. In addition, the couple had better not stay overnight. Newly married four months also banned from any marriage funeral jubilation.