Traditional ethics after the collapse of modern China: cartoon rendering suicide agitation of the republic of China

s scholars gathered in Shanghai, different disciplines background on modern Chinese suicide problem

lisa “unexpected”, published in the “Chinese cartoon” 8, 1936. Describe a photographer to filming the river diving camera, looking after actress jumped into the river, the photographer see a suicide note a river, Epiphany actress turned out to be jump river committed suicide.

stone & Webster this cartoon is about national representative suicide comics. On the left there is a person with venereal disease cure and suicide, on the right side of the wall hung a portrait of the fallen, portrait above written & other; Lost & throughout; . Implication is & other; Death is heavier than mount tai, light as a feather & throughout; . In the alarm sound volume 2, 1941.

“the huangpu river bottom to bring”, in “the decameron” 42, 1934. Describe the huangpu river bottom four men and women, in a circle. Their writing the cause of the suicide: love, unemployment, economic, pessimistic.

on November 14, 1919, 23, changsha girl Zhao Wuzhen, because do not want to orders from the parents to marry a rich old man JiShi Wu Fenglin do, in the case of multiple resistance fruit, finally suicide with a knife in a sedan. This sensation, cause the attention of many intellectuals, hunan only published in recent 10 article da gong bao, and Xiao Rulin, dragons and male, have participated in the discussion. Most people think, Zhao Wuzhen suicide is largely caused by the social environment at that time.

& other; & lsquo; The May 4th movement & rsquo; Later, suicide becomes a social problem of modern China. Throughout the &; Recently, in the historical society, magazine, journal of the history of Shanghai co-hosted the history department of Shanghai university & other; Modern China’s social suicide problem & throughout; International academic conference, the philosophy department of Peking University professor & spirits. He thinks, & other; The May 4th movement & throughout; Suicide problem in China and modern China ethical unbalance are fundamental relationship, & other; Modern China overturns the ancient Chinese Confucianism tradition and family ethics, individual freedom has been emphasized, but the social level structure of the family was unprecedented destruction. Throughout the &;

youth of east China normal university historian’s research from a special Angle Hou Yanxing and deepen the observation & spirits. Hou Yanxing focus during the period of the republic of China to make suicide is the subject of cartoons, he selected the 100 suicide caricature, through carding and interpretation of the images, trying to present a traditional ethics collapse after the suicide of modern China, and revealed in the cartoons enrichment with what kind of social mentality and values.

the ruan’s death in the cartoon

Hou Yanxing said, when the republic of China, the most famous cartoonist basically created the suicide comics, his choice of which more than 100 suicide cartoon mainly comes from hua, Ding Song, lisa, Ding Cong, jian-ying guo, been reflected, ing-chau chang, zhang Ye Jianyu, Zhang Ding, friends of his brother, little fly, Liao Bingxiong, guang-yu zhang lu, Zhang Yuguang, guchan wan, hutong light cartoonist, such as in the “comic in Shanghai”, “Chinese cartoon”, “friend”, “the declaration”, the republic of China Daily newspapers.

during the period of the republic of China, Shanghai famous artist of suicide are often the focus of the media and society. According to the Hou Yanxing study, in terms of suicide situation of Shanghai, in 1935 the number of suicide for, someone called the year the & other; Suicide years & throughout; . Happened that year left & other; Hang him & throughout; The note of her suicide, a sensation of Shanghai. After two months, also have a family of eight and all the house of a family of six suicide. In her late March 7, 1935, taking a large number of sleeping pill suicide, on March 8, also is the international women’s day many died at eight o ‘clock in the morning. From Hou Yanxing collect cartoons, ruan’s death was a lot of cartoon theme, some comic directly reflect her suicide, such as “the comic life” a cartoon depicts in dark night, which has showed take sleeping pills lie on the bed, bed next to the table with two bottles of pills and a suicide note; Some comic analyze the cause of her suicide, such as “star semimonthly” a cartoon describes two men sitting on a park bench, quarreled about who on earth belong to ruan, by the argument to the fight, a & other; Perverts family & throughout; Accusation, a & other; Breach of reputation & throughout; The appeal. Stool lay also killed her, stool below written & other You don’t kill boren, boren die by you! Throughout the &; The death of the cartoon satire ruan is zhang da and Tang Jishan the result of joint action; And comic reveals media and traders use the benefit of her suicide phenomenon. Such as the famous cartoonist lisa “sell sympathy remuneration” depicts the bookseller) of all kinds of books about ruan and suicide, sold in the shops and streets, irony, businessmen use people sympathize with her suicide the kinds of behavior to seek compensation, is for & other; By the beneficiaries of the dead & throughout; .

tabloid rendering to become incentives to make suicide wave

the cause of suicide is popular during the period of the republic of China, in addition to social fluctuations, the collapse of the traditional ethics, the trend of development, economic recession, the unemployment rate is high, the factors such as marriage problems, in Hou Yanxing view, apply colours to a drawing is also an important cause of newspapers and other media. In 1928, for example, hit Shanghai Jeffrey Martin suicide (editor’s note: Shanghai girl Jeffrey Martin and Wang Shichang free love, the two sides engaged in March 1928, two people have sex before marriage, after Wang Shichang suspected Jeffrey Martin not a virgin, Jeffrey Martin in March 16, 1928 in the huangpu river to commit suicide with the innocence), newspapers published scrambling to the letter. After that, by Jeffrey Martin suggested suicide and media rendering, actually there are a large number of suicides send the letter to the newspaper published. The Shanghai comics is subject to a cartoon that is, on a female suicide, suicide note in hand to journalists, feet also love poems with a bag. The cartoon also comes with instructions, the news reporter said: & other; These days news edition is too crowded, you throw the huangpu river have to delay, please. Throughout the &; The same problem also reflected in Jiang Hancheng cartoons, picture describes the Shanghai journalists and suicide of a dialogue: & other; When you write a suicide note don’t forget to also give us a letter. Throughout the &;

when some comics has carried on the pungent satire to this kind of media culture. Wang Zhong, published in 1942, a cartoon describes the dialogue of party a and party b two people. A say: & other;