Translator yan xianyi nephew above the last ten years: old age alone light of life and death

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a few days ago, “uncle xian yi at the end of the decade” of new book launch and books literature ceremonies held in the lu xun museum in Beijing. The book is in the form of a diary recorded the life of the last decade in the famous translator yan xianyi. The author Zhao Heng is yan xianyi’s niece, and uncle sentiment more than father and daughter, she is a writer and artist, in the book with a lot of sketch, interest.

Zhao Heng diary with finely things outlined in the last decade in yan xianyi, records a large number of details, left a valuable information for readers and researchers. Yan xianyi widow in the old age, the friends one by one, his frail sickly. But for these, yan xianyi is very cool, Zhao Heng described in the book helps readers to understand the mentality in yan xianyi. As Yang’s successors, only can write in Zhao Heng think he has the responsibility to write a book for my uncle, let more people have the opportunity to close to the lovely respectable old man.