Treasures dinosaur fossil exhibition “dragon love” first appeared after one hundred million (chart)

(this was, as the industry & lsquo; The true meaning of love & rsquo; The parrot mouth dragon fossil, tightly nestled posture, intimacy and the tacit understanding, naturally, give a person & other; Everlasting love, one hundred million & throughout; The beautiful daydream)

(save have fine feathers microraptor fossil specimens)

Beijing, changzhou March 10 (reporter Tang Juan) on March 11, jiangsu changzhou China dinosaur park & other; The second international dinosaur day & throughout; Kicked off. As the focus of China series of dinosaur fossils, thematic museum, this year’s & other; Dinosaur day & throughout; From western liaoning specially introduced more than 20 fossil treasures, treasures girder of fossil exhibition this year. Hugged each other tightly in it, a pair of parrot mouth dragon fossil, attracted the attention of visitors. It is understood that this was, as the industry & other; The true meaning of love & rsquo; Parrot mouth dragon fossil unearthed in January this year, this is her & other; Debut & throughout; Is & other; One hundred million dragon love & throughout; .

12 years ago, China’s ministry of land and resources, cooperate with changzhou, China geological museum in changzhou established series of thematic museum dinosaur fossils in China, the China dinosaur park was born. Now & other; China dinosaur park & throughout; Is China’s largest dinosaur park. Its & other; Rare fossil exhibition & throughout; Is also the hope that the roadshow treasures fossil let people all over the world can understand prehistoric world more vivid.

fossil is life long, long ago into the ruins of the creature’s body or & other; Stone & throughout; . But fossil is no ordinary, everywhere some stones, not to mention & other; Petite throughout western liaoning bird &; Fossil exhibition abroad, someone want to paid $200 million m collection, also not worth talking about birds, is close to & other; A bird a building & throughout; The point. Single from their great value in science, through these fossils, we can see the appearance of the ancient animals and plants, can be concluded that their living conditions and living environment, can infer the formation in the change of formation s and experiences, showed us a picture of a prehistoric creatures historical picture scroll.

the first in the world was found and reported in angiosperms is liaoning fruit, the second is the old fruit, they all can be called romance & other; Throughout the first flower &; . The dinosaur park at the liaoning fruit cross the Caspian sea, the Chinese ancient fruit, fruit, etc., will show us the world’s first flowers. At the same time, the fossil exhibition including the bird, the Great Wall and other highly scientific research value of the origin of birds early bird fossils, as well as the evolution of dinosaurs with feathers microraptor and the origin of the mammals such as climbing ancestors. Display different, here can not only see the rare animal fossils, also can see the plant fossils and their contemporaries. Standing on the great cycads, ferns, new calamites, virtual reduction of prehistoric ecological environment. Let alone ever text and illustrations show the popular science exhibition, became flesh and blood, present a world that is also true of the dinosaur.