Tried novel content obscene by station writers are “female”

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sign up a group of teenage writer wet behind not deep creation & other; I tried & throughout; Novel (& other; I tried & throughout; The word first appeared in modern Japanese literature, literally a & other; Beautiful, romantic & throughout; , gay comics and novels), allowing the author published on the website bawdy pornography, improve web site hits, grab illegal advertising revenue. The reporter learns from zhengzhou erqi district prosecutor’s office, by the people’s procuratorate prosecuted, the website master wang mou in early April to spread pornographic materials crime of profit has been court sentenced to prison for a year and six months. Surprisingly, the hype of violence, pornography and other Behind the creative team & throughout; Members about most of it was 20 years old girl, the smallest is only 17. Strengthen the network of the author’s guide and specification, it is.

website leads to teenage writer

early last year, zhengzhou city public security bureau Internet surveillance team in the process of monitoring numerous websites, police found a legendary, urban, romance fictions & other I tried & throughout; Novel web site. The site in a short period of time in traffic soared, of most nearly ten thousand visits a month. Upon further investigation, police found on the site to pay within the VIP section, published many male same-sex love very explicit content. Classics appraisal, this part for bawdy pornography information. To master a lot of evidence, the police quickly attack, a university in zhengzhou city family hospital will stand the wade pornographic websites every side, webmaster wang mou is captured, seize crime tools such as computers, mobile hard disk, and network license agreement is 30. Identified and extracted from wang mou computer more than 1200 pornographic novels as pornography. To the surprise of the policemen, signed a contract with the site is the author of a group of 20 years old girl from top to bottom, their distribution in guangzhou, Shanghai, shiyan, baoji, and many other cities, some only 17 years old began to write.

why girls love & other I tried & throughout; ?

according to the policemen, & other accomplices; Writer & throughout; At ordinary times are parents, neighbors in the eyes of & other; Darling female & throughout; Wet behind not deep, some haven’t even love experiences. And according to their own account, writing little remuneration, some are a few yuan only. Return is not fat. So, what is driving the girls create pornographic novel? & other; & lsquo; I tried & rsquo; Fiction is very popular on the Internet, began to feel novel, began to focus on this kind of novels, then got the creative impulse to write much has website to seek for a sign, to describe the plot of the hard-core clickthrough rate is higher. Throughout the &; Signing writers of MOE (a pseudonym) said truthfully. Has signed a contract writer said, the creation & other; I tried & throughout; Novels not only to pay, the more is the pursuit of personality, realize the value of their writing dream round. Girl mh (a pseudonym), said of his novels described in MSM relationship isn’t interested in, but this kind of novel high attention on the Internet, she likes to write a novel, dream as a writer, to choose this kind of practicing writing. Looked at his works uploaded by a great number of Internet users after reading, spread, & got websites in other Help book & throughout; Verbal commitment, mh felt a sense of accomplishment.

can’t cater to vulgar tastes

& other; Tried a novel network & throughout; In fact, far from alone. & other; Internet writers how to grow up healthily, we have been a focus and concern. Throughout the &; Secretary of the China writers association member of the secretariat of Chen Qirong said when accepting a reporter to interview yesterday, at present there are some websites through literature, playing soft porn chip, & other; In & lsquo; Only hits are heroes & rsquo; Business environment, some literary website editors lack sense of social responsibility and the fear of the literature of the heart, pornography, violence, the nose, to them of jihadi, resulted in the worsening of reading environment. Throughout the &; Chen Qirong said, to regulate the network writer team, should be to strengthen website editor team training and management, on the basis of reverse business website real devotion to hit the management idea, & other; On the premise of guarantee the survival and development, we hope we can explore literary web sites more healthy development road. As site manager, has the responsibility to provide food for the soul, but not blindly cater to vulgar aesthetic interest of some readers. Throughout the &;