True xuan zang: in the history of the three disciple were gathered after the scriptures

“westward journey & middot; drop magic” box office, but in the artistic creation and processing of xuan zang’s true nature is increasingly blurred, he how to become? How peoples? Really have a disciple? He is really about a man? So let us know the real situation in the history of & hellip; & hellip;

& other; Abnormality & throughout; I think

xuan zang in SuiRenShou two years (in 602), was born in los states Gou’s county (now in henan yanshi county), before becoming a monk surnamed Chen Hui, is he after becoming a monk xuan zang method number.

according to renew the biography of eminent monks and records, xuan zang family start is good, my grandfather and father are well-read intellectuals, his father is Chen Huiceng county magistrate, mother is the daughter of governor SuiLuo Shi Songqin, xuan zang’s fourth son. Parents, xuan zang is difficult situation caused by youth. Xuan zang’s second brother monk, had a long jie, live in luoyang pureland temple, xuan zang followed him often to learn Buddhism classics.

in A.D. 614, the order degree of monk, pass the exams choose 27 people become a monk. In a test of that day of, Chen Hui seen by examiners Dali temple QingZheng good fruit, was asked why did he want to become? A lasting heart words blurted out: from Chen Hui mouth & other; Such as come to far shaoxing, low beam method. Throughout the &; Zheng Shanguo would appreciate his appearance, and she followed his ambition, will make an exception and let him take the exam, has finally been abnormality admits.

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Tang Wude nine years (in 626), xuan zang in changan met monks from India in polo fairly close more, he is India’s walter savage landor temple authority FoXueGu kai xian’s disciple, can con big theravada classic hundreds of praise. Xuan zang to hear the news of addictions, keeps himself to consult the Indian monk. Xuan zang kai xian said that he knows of buddhist classics, and is walter savage landor temple teaching, and set sail to the west method to resolve.

the early period of the tang dynasty, the country early, border instability, people are not allowed to leave the country. In drawing the first year (627 years), xuan zang predisposed application & other; Throughout the &; (i.e., passport, customs clearance, die in novels), line west of religion, but are not approved. It did not give up the idea of xuan zang west religion, he was determined to look for opportunities to sail to the west. According to the regulation, private border than private degrees mainland pass punishment heavier, so his decision is very dangerous. Dynasty three years (in 629), changan catastrophe, the government allows people to find a way out, xuan zang to mixed with victims of smuggling through. That year, xuan zang just 27 years old. Since that day, he stepped onto a road full of unknown.

& other; Legend & throughout; The three disciple

at the beginning of the journey to the west disciple of tang’s monk buddhist scriptures, the disciple in the reality is closed after the scriptures.

the first disciple was in the way of tang’s monk came back, it is said that western regions is a child prodigy, intelligent, you’ll never forget, memory almost nobody can better than he. Which is similar with the Monkey King, sun wukong jumped out from their clefts and relative Yu Datang originally is diluted, and fairies and xuan zang prodigy big disciple’s identity is also very consistent.

the second disciple is the founding fathers WeiChiJingDe nephew & ndash; & ndash; Peek at the base of the door, but have been learn Confucianism Canon, perusal art. Peep when and there are three conditions: & other; Constantly lust; Must eat meat of blood; After noon to eat & throughout; . So he started out lecture are generally not prepared three cars, a buddhist, a wine meat, a household servant prostitutes, so called three monks, and pig eight quit of journey to the west is very similar.

the third disciple, the master should be round test, ghost kingdom of prince, is also a foreigner, is also a full academic, with insight into the master. Measure the compasses, engaged in the spread of buddhist scriptures, and the noble birth, similar to sand enlightened net is in journey to the west.