Tsinghua, Dr. Job programme “fire” red Claim to be difficult to work practice

Dr Tsinghua recruit popular job on TV, and other Dharma masters & throughout; The presence, not only make & other bosses Nearly only need & throughout; , and both inside and outside the TV audience was shocked. People how to uniting into & other; Pure & throughout; ? Behind it there will be a coup.

last week, in the TV show “only you”, 28, industrial design, tsinghua university, Dr. Li Yizhou & other; Throughout & way of doing things; , more than 10 minutes, under the guidance of the host on the pitch every company boss & other; Fire & throughout; .

Li Yizhou points out, pan shiyi, SOHO is not enough & other; Green & throughout; , li jing le bees mobile client pictures too much, the street network of the customer demand segmentation method needs to be improved and so on.

it somewhere to live bosses magnanimity, to explore solutions at the same time, are racing to LAN to both companies offer the lowest prices internship salary of $6000. Finally, Li Yizhou went pan shiyi, SOHO China.

TV, inside and outside Li Yizhou are red, about his video hits over all in one day.

he was known as the aura powerful & other; Dr Tsinghua best & throughout; , & other; Strong & throughout; The professional knowledge of attract numerous & other; Admire & throughout; The sound.

what the & other; People & throughout; How the science of uniting become elite? In this, the reporter interviews the Li Yizhou.

on the program is not show in the motive is trying to find work

the legal evening news (hereinafter referred to as the FW) : why want to get a internship through the TV show?

Li Yizhou (hereinafter referred to as lee) : it is an accident, I put my resume on the Internet, website email me to invite me for an interview. I think can accumulate experience the interview went.

FW: really want to, through the program to find a job, or just want to show yourself, the attention of more companies?

feelings about self-expression & other; Ok & throughout; Some people say that my analysis & other; Light & throughout;

FW: know your red? Satisfied with your performance in the field?

lee: I think well, in my eyes, is a conversation and 10 elderly people. I see no stage, only dialogue space. I think, it’s so good to ease the tension, so I can speak freely. After ten boss like this opportunity is not going too much patience to hear me talk nonsense.

FW: are you at the scene of each enterprise products & other; Selective & throughout; , it is played?

lee: my intention and don’t want to which company, but went in this direction, and indeed in my counterpart in the professional, so I said something.

show the entirety, the boss also puts forward a lot of tough questions to me, it’s not just me there & other; Batch & throughout; And nothing more.

FW: a lot of people surprised, you can immediately pointed out that the scene so many enterprise products, the accumulation of these is how?

lee: my major is focus on the user experience, the company’s related products generally used, the Internet is a lot of things in common, I can point out problems actually not difficult. Some people also said, “I pointed out that the question quite shallow, this I also agree with.

FW: people for you at the scene of the confidence, the hand also very appreciated, this and your school background, doctoral degree?

lee: I think because ask to my area of expertise. The boss in design is not very understanding, I compared intently to research in this field for several years, you should give them to share what I know.

about the internship the competence of the hard work didn’t go to pan shiyi company

FW: you finally select the SOHO China, this is the start you want to be a good choice?

lee: no, I didn’t orientation at the beginning, just after the comparison made this choice.

FW: have you started the internship?

li: after the show, pan (pan) and I talked about, then construction director and also I have been a communication. I am not a building professional background, for their existing and architectural design related work I can’t do.

I expected something about & other; Building technology + experience & throughout; And & other Based on the Internet architecture community management & throughout; Such as plan, temporary may not have the resources in order to develop. So very sorry, only a temporary leave SOHO China.

side classmates very calm about change the media more

FW: are you currently reading three, whether for the next step of internships or work plan?

li: after the broadcast, also have other companies to contact me, I’m also thinking. At the same time, our innovation team continues to do some project design front, although many still can’t see the direct commercial prospects, but we are very confident. After the graduation work will do related content.

FW: after the show, so many college students to support you, what impact on your life?

lee: every day I went to the cafeteria, we don’t have any effect. Tsinghua students are very calm. Occasionally around friends, classmates and I discussed, much of requirements and journalists.

in fact, I more hope through the program, let more people know about design. A lot of people don’t know our industry, if the design concept can result in further popularization, is what I hope of change.