TV children’s adult serious a 9-year-old boy say to the hostess

in a TV show, when a nine-year-old boy to host, said to be her boyfriend, show the scene laughter, applause and cheers sound into a piece, it makes me feel very not taste. At present, TV children’s adult, has been gradually into the atmosphere. Originally childlike children, on the stage no tong zhen tong qu, from wearing to talk, to the performance, etc. However, both the organizers and audiences, and the children and parents of the children, no one seems to argue.

everything has its growth, development and human life. Children, is the initial stage of life, tong qu is thick, they are like the grass with dew, pure to love it. Literary and art workers, media workers, especially the audience coverage of television workers, broadcast should be more creative, more suitable for children’s psychological characteristics, to their growth to provide the most suitable & other; Food & throughout; , not a copy of the adult world thinking and interest in the show, shorten the children’s childhood.

we are not suitable for children’s shows the content of the material: the popular nursery rhymes, the vivid and interesting puzzle game, the artistic conception abstruse fable, once has nurtured generation after generation of children. Now, however, some TV media to improve the program’s ratings, at adult, the children’s programs that childlike children posing on the stage, such as the subject of love, marriage. It seems to send a signal to the people: encourage adult emotional way, way of thinking, entertainment to influence, to guide the children’s lives, if the children imitate good, that is mature, that is smart. Little imagine, this is strong to let in the summer to be open the flowers are blooming in the spring, should fall to the ground in the fruits of the autumn harvest in the summer, interfere with the growth of life rhythm.

production and broadcast grown-up children’s programs, media is the performance of the lack of social responsibility; Encourage children to participate in this program, it is parents unscrupulous, lack of responsibility of the projection. IfengLogo jian-hong zhang