Twelve of the most influential Asian documentary photographer portfolio (map)

who is the most influential photographers? Why do I have influence? The answers to these questions, believe, have their own ideas. But just released their recent polls of IPA, who is Asia’s most influential 12 photographer? This platform is given priority to with documentary photography and street snap, provides some people vote opinion!

IPA is Invisible Photographer short for Asia, was established in April 2010, they set up to set some common in Asia who loves the street photography and visual news.

predictably, IPA user groups are mostly documentary film photography and street photographer, the following is a IPAsia selected 12 of Asia’s most influential photographers, among them, six is a Japanese photographer, from Taiwan Zhang Gan march also listed among them, and in Hong Kong is ho fan into the list.

1. The mountain road, Daido Moriyama (Japan)

master of street photography. Coarse particles and high contrast, fuzzy, shaking, strong style of street snap, have exceed international appeal.