Two kinds of orangutans are human relatives Shared a common ancestor 6 million years ago

13, according to the daily mail reported, the scientists found that human genes have not only similar to violent chimpanzee, with live in Africa south of the Congo river, gentle bonobos have similarities.

according to a study published in the journal nature, scientists through mapping primate DNA found that 98.7% of the genes, like the two chimps, and the two orangutan genetic similarity was 99.6%. For example, chimps and bonobos are like brothers and sisters, and people are like their Cousins.

it is interesting to note that some of the human personality traits and chimps are like, and some characteristics just like bonobos. Personality characteristics and behavior of chimpanzees and bonobos have very big difference, this may explain the different personality and behavior of human beings. Duke university researcher Brian & middot; Hale (Brian Hare) said: & other; The two chimps explain the angels and demons coexist in the human nature’s secret. Throughout the &;

the chimpanzee is keen on killing and start a war, the bonobo is very friendly, love peace, happy to share food with unfamiliar chimps. Bonobos family concept is very strong, but the chimps in the use of more advanced tools and brain evolution.

it is understood that the human and the two orangutans have a common ancestor 6 million years ago, but bonobos and chimpanzees are separated by the Congo river until 1 million before gradually evolve into different species. A slightly smaller than by the size of the bonobo apes behavior more easy-going. They are ruled by a female orangutan, unlike chimpanzees ruled by male members. At present, the democratic republic of Congo war, due to its most important bonobos survival situation is grim, scientists fear that they will be on the verge of extinction. IfengLogo (Yu Jun)