Two people in the United States to establish Chinese dialects “map” said from Beijing dialect consciousness

s founding Chinese dialect website

s collection of ordinary people dialect story

in & other; Regional accents throughout estates &; The dialect of the map, green said mandarin, hakka yellow said, blue, min said the orange said wu, palm red said xinsheng township, province mei red, purple said cantonese, brown said jin language. Click on the icon, can play audio corresponding dialect.

KeYi blue (Kellen Parker)

division round straight (Steve Hansen)

this year 21 years old Jiang Xiaojie studying in Shanghai, she came to Shanghai for three years, still couldn’t understand basic Shanghai dialect, let her say revenge changsha dialect, she also said not a squeaky, can only speak mandarin with changsha accent, & other; Can’t ah, since the childhood used to speaking mandarin in school. Throughout the &;

China has a very rich language diversity, however, as the government enforce mandarin in schools and public institutions, dialect of living space seems to be smaller and smaller. In Shanghai, for example, a lot of the younger generation has not accurately tell grandparents old Shanghai dialect, and this kind of phenomenon is widespread in the local dialect.

however, this time for this kind of phenomenon and & other; Do something & throughout; Is two people in the United States. KeYi blue (Kellen Parker) and department of round straight (Steve Hansen) in 2009 began to do an intended to record in China & other; Vanishing dialect & throughout; Website & other; Regional accents throughout estates &; (Phonemica).

KeYi blue is Taiwan tsinghua university graduate student of linguistics, mainly studies the historical development of Chinese dialect. The Yangtze river basin in Taiwan before he lives in China, there is he familiar with the earliest Chinese language environment; Department of round straight blog Sinoglot co-founder is Chinese linguistics. Round straight knowledge of languages, including Chinese, Korean, Spanish and latvian. Lived in Beijing for years, he has personal relationship, organized many & other; Regional accents throughout estates &; In the interview. He thinks Beijing general lack of awareness of other Chinese dialects. & other; Beijing is like New York, & throughout; He said jokingly, & other; They think they will be the world center. Throughout the &; So, they are not familiar with other dialects. Round straight, they always put the rest of the people said that the mandarin dialect accent as & other; Dialect & throughout; .

& other; Regional accents throughout estates &; The biggest characteristic is to do a & other; Dialects maps & throughout; , that is, a map in a particular area to provide a local dialect of audio. Click the icon on the map, can play to listen to the audio, and get the relevant information, including name, age, domicile of origin and speak dialect belongs to area. These audio in dialect are mostly locals tell a little story, the length in five minutes. This website officially launched in April 2013, now has 85 recording, topic from young people talking about their favorite Chinese star to grandfathers memories & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; To the countryside during the period of work in the past.

61 – year – old Mr. Xie from pingtung county with hakka tells a story of four counties. To native hakka KeYi blue said, a population of more than 30 million, but said the four county dialect is much less, most of them live in northwestern Taiwan. From hubei Song Hongcheng fangxian county 50 in fangxian county dialect tells a story, fangxian county dialect is a branch of zhongyuan guanhua, said there are 300000 people in this dialect. Web site is open, dialects are recruiting volunteers to upload audio. In the latest week, the website also received from baoji in shaanxi province, hunan xinhua and shanxi gaoping sections of the recording.

the prototype of this site is by George Mason University in Virginia, George Mason University) to create language Accent Archive (researched Accent Archive), which records the hundreds of people speak English with different accents & ndash; & ndash; From brooklyn to the German people say all kinds of accents, Pennsylvania & ndash; & ndash; Reading the same short English article. But KeLanYi and round straight think, & other Storycorps & throughout; (members of the Corps) way to record the family Story is also very meaningful. & other; Storycorps & throughout; Is an archive that contains the americans 45000 story of word of mouth.

now & other; Regional accents throughout estates &; Operation to a large extent depends on the support of social network, it through social networks recruiting volunteers. The story about the volunteers of solicitation to classify, edit again. Round straight prediction, & other; Regional accents throughout estates &; The future of the respondents might include some immigrant community had never lived in China (overseas Chinese). In fact, & other; Home page that there is no clear map showing the Chinese borders has revealed to us & lsquo; Regional accents garden & rsquo; To people outside the Chinese mainland interest in how to speak Chinese. Throughout the &; So far, most of the recording items are from China’s coastal areas, but in the future, the circular said, is not only the inland China, or even Singapore, Mongolia and other places of Chinese users may also be to their story.

it is reported that our country there are many dialects related website and BBS, but most of the site is given priority to with written materials, into a sound system to collect literature is less, and more professional research. While & other; Regional accents throughout estates &; More is the dialect in the collection of ordinary people. & other; Basically, we are in the record Chinese words at home. Then, we analysis their recordings, trying to eventually set up a database can be dynamically displayed dialect. Throughout the &; By asking respondents to tell a story, said KeYi blue, & other; In the record dialect at the same time, we are doing the oral history of Asia. Throughout the &; In every little story next to the recording, & other; Regional accents throughout estates &; Will attach the tape related ethnographic background, such as pictures, hometown, education, etc., which makes the interface than most professional academic research site more friendly and interesting.