Two weeks there will be a language disappear Endangered languages don’t have to die?


current 12000 said Mr. Jeb tile language, there have been 2700 Facebook users.

canadians to Microsoft software changed the language of the Inuit, such as & other; File & throughout; The written & other Ini” , & other; The home page & throughout; Is & other; Pigiarvik” , & other; Save & throughout; It is & other; Jaggajairli” .

from the Internet to see and hear their language

a total of seven thousand languages in the world, by the end of the century, at least half will become extinct. That is to say, on average less than two weeks there will be a language disappear from the earth.

in Pennsylvania, Moore school of linguists, David & middot; Harrison (David Harrison) called human face & other; Triple threat throughout & extinction; : species and ecosystems is collapsing, with small, not the disappearance of the written language, people about the traditional knowledge of these species and ecosystems will be lost.

on February 17, 2012 at 8 o ‘clock in the morning, and two other linguists, harrison of the university of Michigan margarita & middot; Gordon (Margaret Noori), Canada Pirurvik health center, the Inuit language culture & middot; Avic (Leena Evic), in the vancouver convention center, this paper discusses the research on the protection of endangered languages.

this is one of the American association for the advancement of science annual meeting 2012 issue. Hundreds of people can sit in the room to sit audience trickle. Maybe because of the workshop time too early, people can not afford time to coming, may be demonstrated harrison: in an effort to convince the public, linguists lags far behind of scholars engaged in ecological protection.

& other; Language is mankind for thousands of years of art and science storage & ndash; & ndash; From the observation of the ecological law, the creation myths. Said a language disappears, the lost is not only the language of the community, as well as in humans about mathematics, biology, geography, psychology, agriculture and linguistic sense. Throughout the &; Harrison said.

harrison released eight new pronunciation dictionary in the meeting, they recorded the eight kinds of endangered languages more than 32000 words, also including the language users to read audio. The work was harrison and his colleagues in collaboration with the national geographic society.

Papua New Guinea called Matukar Panau language, now only about 600 people will say, they live in two very small village.

for harrison and his colleagues three years ago the language recording, that it has never before been records or writing. Local requirements put their language on the Internet, although they have never seen what it’s like the Internet. Until 2010, when the village electricity, with computers, the village people to see and hear their language from Internet.

another recorded language called Chamacoco, it is located in the desert of northern Paraguay, now only about 1200 people will say. In addition there are three languages of India, Remo, Sora, and Ho, has distribution in Siberia and Mongolia tuva, and Celtic.

with many life immersed in the library document different linguists, harrison is a & other; The field linguist & throughout; . His work a lot of linguistics is in the tents of nomadic people, with herdsmen pick up when the cow dung, see the local people in the traditional way to slaughter a sheep, or in the remote tribal look & other Offering & throughout; When treating.