Two years old boy racing sensation Seventh generation of the family of the rider (photo)

just 2 years old of the gill on horse racing

gill riding a pony

Beijing on May 29, 30 (Reuters) according to foreign media reports, “in just 2 years old boy show-jumping caused quite a stir in the world, and he rode a pony style has become a lot of people love to talk about.

it is reported that Royce & middot; Jill from new south wales in Australia, its ancestral past dynasties are excellent rider. Today, just 2 years old of the gill become the seventh generation of the family, is also the racing my youngest player. In the first round of the contest held last week, gill 18 seconds to complete the competition. Although the result not to compete, but it is widely believed that he will be very good in the future.

gill’s father, said RON, he thought the son of horse racing is derived from the blood of his passion, and very happy little JiErNeng will continue inheriting traditional family’s racing.