UK media had once belonged to queen Victoria woman to man Marriage certificate remaining (FIG.)

in 1833, queen Victoria and the hound’s portrait.

in 1846, a portrait of queen Victoria.

at present, Britain’s queen Elizabeth ii is celebrating her 60th anniversary of the succession, while in British history, only the reign of queen Victoria’s time is longer than the current queen Elizabeth to. Has the media to expose a blockbuster secret said a few days ago, after queen Victoria’s husband early death at the age of 42, was secretly married to a man, and gave birth to a daughter.

husband died young queen and Scotland man secretly married

queen Victoria was born in 1819 on May 24, 1837, he ascended the throne, died on January 22, 1901.

this article published in The British magazine “old bones (The Oldie) of The article said, in her husband, prince Albert after death, The queen unhappy, had long left London seclusion and later turn from a man named John & middot; Mr Brown’s man who seek solace. The man from the Scottish highlands, personality & other; Rude, arrogant and alcoholic & throughout; . Then queen Victoria’s secret and brown wedding, and gave birth to a child for him.

in the letter to Mr Brown, Victoria call him & other; Dear & throughout; , even in the letter to a close friend of Mr Brown’s death to her second & other; Widowed & throughout; . It is said that the queen’s many daughters called the brown & other; Mother’s lover & throughout; .

it is understood that the issue of the magazine old bones for modern life often humorous description, had been Britain’s the independent newspaper named & other; Throughout the country’s original magazine &; . A number of famous British writer for the magazine.