Ukraine to banned “spongebob squarepants” said its encouraging gay (FIG.)

“spongebob squarepants” fashionable whole world

“pleasant goat and Wolffy” fire has also provoked skepticism

many children watching the teletubbies

cartoon “spongebob squarepants” is popular all over the world, have become not only a heart love, many children also conquered many adults. Have the news yesterday, however, Ukraine’s moral maintenance department to banned in the country “spongebob squarepants”, the reason is that the cartoons encouraging gay, will have bad influence on children. The message from the domestic audience, everyone’s opinion is almost & other; One-sided & throughout; That & other; It’s unbelievable & throughout; .

reporter discovery, before being questioned gay, “spongebob squarepants” has also accused the child look silly. And is not only a spongebob squarepants, “pokemon” the simpsons “teletubbies” has encountered all sorts of questions. “Spongebob squarepants” really can’t give their children watch? Cartoons can also see now?

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“spongebob squarepants” can see?

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about gay culture

there is the news yesterday, the national public moral maintenance expert committee has accused Ukraine “spongebob squarepants” gay culture, going to the country banned the cartoons. An obvious evidence is: the sponge in the play often took a called Patrick (for domestic & other; Sent great stars throughout the &;) Pink starfish in hand, they are the best friends in the play. Besides spongebob squarepants live in bikini beach a big pineapple, where he called with one puff (translated into & other; Puff & throughout;) Teacher learning, rowing, and puff usually refers to gay men.


will make poor performance in children

last year, “spongebob squarepants” has encountered serious questions. At that time, there have been reports, like to watch “spongebob squarepants” child, easy to cause the behavior to take off the legacy of a sequence, poor learning ability. According to the report, the United States at the university of Virginia department of psychology professor lillard, found that children like to watch the spongebob, performance less often watch to poor children. Lillard said previous studies have found that children watching TV can cause long-term attention problems. And his research found that children see 9 minutes a day this kind of cartoon, need not spend brains thinking of learning ability is far worse than the normal program or reading children.

& other; Spongebob squarepants & throughout; The often present a endless, crazy ideas, think lillard, this kind of plot will unconsciously let children agree with this concept and idea, then began to imitate spongebob sequence behavior. After watching such programs, especially children self-control to reduce, cause learning ability and behavior has a great influence for children’s physical and mental growth, suggested that parents less as far as possible let the children watch the program of this type. At the same time, Mr Rudd said lee, “spongebob squarepants” is not the case, she also found that children watching cartoons other fast also can appear similar problem.

audience hot

opinion one-sided holding a hand is to encourage gay? So pull

China central television in 2005 will be wearing square pants, sponge Bob, the introduction of domestic, and animated film title in Chinese as “spongebob squarepants”. In the same year during the Spring Festival, the film login CCTV children’s channel & other; The anime world & throughout; Column, when the film attracts a large number of domestic audience. During September to December, 2007, CCTV broadcast again “spongebob squarepants”. In March 2009 and February 2010, CCTV children’s channel & other; The anime world & throughout; Columns are broadcast the “spongebob squarepants” season 4, 5 and 6 quarters before 20 sets.

“spongebob squarepants” challenged with advocating gay, which is hard for many viewers. Reporters yesterday in & other; Spongebob squarepants! & throughout; Such as web pages, found that Internet users almost & other; One-sided & throughout; To think that spongebob and sent great stars is pure friendship between think & other; Gay & throughout; The question of pulling too much.

Internet & other; Libra good-looking guy & throughout; Amazing: & other; Dizzy. Three years old children know they are good friends, how can see it that way? This claim of gay people don’t understand. Throughout the &; The net friend & other; Sing in the summer of sunseeker & throughout; Reply quite funny: & other; Because spongebob sum sent great stars in hand, encourage same-sex love is this? You have seen the gourd Eva? Seven boys still can fit! Haier brothers also always don’t wear clothes clung to a ball! Today I just know, puff, puff) is collectively for gay men. But I just want to support spongebob squarepants! Throughout the &;

there is also a net friend for spongebob & other; Profound review & throughout; , the net friend & other; 101 I’m sorry & throughout; Carefully review the scenario, and then ask: & other; Well & hellip; Don’t know how many sets is the baby and the big star at the same time found a & hellip; & hellip; A clam & hellip; & hellip; (it is two pieces of the shell & hellip; & hellip;) Then clam is a baby, so spongebob and sent great stars live together to raise it, probably because this is gay? Throughout the &; Immediately someone retort: & other; Good friends, what’s the problem? See the baby plan? Jackie chan and Louis koo is not yet a father a mother, that we don’t say that they’re gay, right? Throughout the &;