Uncover wu zetian persona: looks do actually follow the rules of politics

as wu zetian’s biography is not easy. As tying of unprecedented in Chinese history, wu zetian’s reputation and events have to familiar, degree of observation, however, behind the self-evident, is the tremendous identical account and scrupulously judgment who lived in ages past. But real wu zetian, toss in the popular view, become a kind of the existence of absence, no words which made by herself, behind become her fate.

no matter how to searching, wu zetian didn’t become the emperor’s qualifications and potential. She was not born royal, and even not a house, in the color is not to take off the aristocracy of the early tang, wu zetian originally have no chance to ask the country’s political, as fate would have it, but she is a beautiful very, sensitive woman, with a small family capital machine into the main chamber, resulting in the deep of the harem fought your way fight our way out, and eventually become the charioteer in the patriarchal society, in the process, her efforts to promote, also cleverly taking advantage, do not follow a rule, the rules. Traditional real change, however, difficult to change, but was told by men and record history, as a result, wu zetian was sharp silhouette is always not escape the fate of the ambiguity, exactly how to separate text myth narrative wu zetian and her Wu Zhou empire?

first of all, we must ask, what factors constitutes the initial motivation of wu zetian to change destiny. According to “the analysis of this biography of wu zetian, there are mainly two points: one is natural disposition, secondly harem vicissitudes.

wu zetian was born mediocre, but due to the young’s mother, how much with the noble lineage had the contact, so the family give wu zetian, & other; Is sink mark in the lower half of folk who rose root, half is HuanYou in polite society prosperity & throughout; , she excluded from power field, has witnessed a variety of powerful dignitaries from heng da, but also because of the rejection and desire. Grandson, after the death of queen from the same mother young’s relations, wu zetian was emperor taizong harem, concubines myriad, qunfang doo-yan, wu zetian is but one of them, no very outstanding. Young wu zetian witnessed the tragic vicissitudes in bald maid-in-waiting, and heard the harem eunuch gossip, she know very early, here to change your fate, must win the heart of the emperor. Her close to emperor taizong’s opportunity is not much, and it has been proved that green military life like is delicate and women prefer both ability and political integrity, character and exposed and decoration style of the wu zetian is not enjoyed. Has hit a wall, but still by fair means or foul to s, before entering the power, wu zetian trajectory characteristics of life almost has been established.

almost early, wu zetian will understand only control the emperor can stand point, since the emperor taizong in critically ill when wu zetian bed and Li Zhi does not Aaron relationship started, she was cast for their way to power the first chips. After being re-enter the emperor temple, wu zetian hand manipulating a series of court incident, shangguan, by the waste the queen, as the prince’s maternal uncle, over prince, a state, all ended in Wu Shi for winning. Is the key factor lies in the emperor, wu zetian was able to eliminate the enemy, a cruel a wise up-to-dateness and serve the king. In resources and personnel who can consolidate old position, wu zetian acted decisively cleaning the cleanse changes, doctrine, to women’s body as the emperor, and he reigned only this one, has made all the stereotypes central monarchy untenable, she held a huge political etiquette, reckless in bureaucratic purge, follow one’s inclinations to modify the meter gauge standard, a reign of terror is her later phase logic. From female’s feeling industry temple to da she, the road of the miracle staged countless bizarre but bloody conflict book all makes a detailed textual research and objective narration. Line, inside to buckle to narrative, this book is also stressed that the contradiction between individual and group, motivation and results against the second law of history in the imbalance and balance between cycles.

wu zetian speculating in court politics, seems to be her own way, actually has the political operation of common logic behind & ndash; & ndash; Factional game, power struggle, all parties struggle as interlocking link, even by the powerful posture control rulers, eventually may also become a fighting disk of a single pieces. This often is the historical legacy of the biggest warning. Book this point in the narrative of close, through to the wu zetian life course outline, actually & other; To tell a all political behavior, can have feedback retribution things & throughout; , however, things said, always let a person feel not, this is due to the things compared to clear, the heart is bottomless.

(the biography of wu zetian this, Hu Ji, Beijing university press in January 2011, price: RMB 25)