Under emperor qianlong jiangnan “sponsorship” businessman for SAN also donate millions of money

“qianlong southern figure” (part)

today, when people in order to do one thing, but his lack of resources, the best thing to do is to find sponsors, namely we often say & other; Sponsorship & throughout; .

MingWu cases of open hotel sponsorship

of course, this sponsorship is not what you want the somebody else will give you, so choose a fascinating project, is to find the right sponsors at the very least, then we can see the project ultimately benefit and win-win. If you can, will continue to support, continuous; Can’t, predictable results.

dynasties emperor with money, is by no means without restraint. Such as Ming emperor had already set the the amount of money each year for future generations, if more than the budget, the pinch, they can only to find a way to myself.

MingWu ZongZhengDe characteristics: make money by emperor & other; Forced sponsorship. Throughout the &; He ordered his eunuchs in all the gates and the road intersection to the capital to open in the name of the emperor hotel, to impose & other; Tolls & throughout; .

the fact officials shiny.you out advice on everyday, but since the fairs, never pushy, ZhaoShou. After he died, the sponsorship of the strong system is abolished.

since successor emperor jiajing don’t like to play, also don’t like to travel, he went for the blast. Emperor an alchemist star level monks, please help, so the emperor jiajing are also expensive. But his daily door not the second, and then adopt the method of the most negative: & other; Sponsored wait! Throughout the &; Sitting at home waiting for him and others to send money, for the average person is, heaven fell pie! It is different to the emperor, urgent and will be. When cash-strapped jiajing, someone will always quietly appear,, snap of emperor, emperor should be needed.

like in the investigation of the people in the name of the qing dynasty emperor to jiangnan traveling incognito, in fact is the leisure trip. Each XiaJiang SMW to use money, his way is & other; Sponsorship & merchants throughout; .

, for example,

to sixth southern qianlong let people put the news early, before long, is responsible for managing the salt tax wholesale and salt transport makes the report, said a group of salt merchants willing to donate money one million and two thousand, sponsored by the emperor of southern China, and hope to meet the emperor. Qianlong saw this report, big heart, the face or to a stroke of a pen: & other; Salt merchants don’t have to make through salt transport, direct wait to meet at the edge of the canal. Throughout the &;

meet the emperor is honored to

why salt merchants’ filial piety why meet qianlong emperor qianlong silver? First, because the glorious, see incurred, it was worth a few life show, is to uphold the benefit of the offspring. Suck up more major is when facing the emperor, and request the policy tilt. So the best of both worlds of qianlong natural won’t refuse.