Us how to distinguish between Chinese and Japanese people? The Japanese like no waist

from appearance to distinguish Chinese and Japanese people

& other; World war ii & throughout; During the Chinese theater some American soldiers of China against Japan. Who is our enemy, who is our friend, this is the revolution but also the primary problem of war. The U.S. if suspects caught a Japanese spies, how to distinguish between Chinese and Japanese people?

in 1942, the United States government to aid the Chinese Anti-Japanese War the U.S. military, war department issued a book called “how to identify the Japanese” booklet. There are 75 pages in this booklet, cartoonist Milton & middot; Gary in humorous way, illustration is the Chinese characteristics and difference of Japanese. On the cover page of the book, a U.S. military officers put questions to private Ryan: & other; Hi, Ryan, you stayed in China for so long time I just got back, and let’s talk about the Japanese grow and our Allies have what different east! Throughout the &;

Ryan explained with assurance: first, to see the signs. Chinese she is close to the americans, the Japanese to shorter, as if no waist, long legs directly in the chest.

the Chinese skin color is slightly darker tan, and Japanese skin tone is light, like lemon yellow color. Chinese eyes slightly oblique, but long position is similar to europeans and americans, and Japanese eyes closer to the nose. The Chinese tooth is smooth, the Japanese have prominent front teeth.

if the Japanese people living in our Allies recognizable, might as well let them walk and see. Chinese walk strutting and Japanese dragging the feet to walk. If the Japanese also pretend strutting, let they took off his shoes and socks socks (if any), and further observation. Chinese foot is normal, but the Japanese soldiers wear & at home before the other; (clogs) & throughout; Separate, so the big toe and the other toes.

maybe because U.S. troops found the description of the private Ryan too one-sided and subjective, and even the Chinese people also have when the traitors, so in this manual, there is no issue again after 1944. Appearance to tell the truth, trying to distinguish between Chinese and Japanese and south koreans, is a worldwide difficult problem. Anyway, I can’t see the difference between the Chinese and Japanese from the appearance.

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Chinese are regarded as the Japanese do

if anyone been abroad Chinese, are treated as the Japanese experience. As a Japanese, I almost every day. This kind of situation, there are three kinds of roughly.

the first kind, be apart from Chinese and Japanese people of other countries as the Japanese. This situation is very common, just walked the streets of abroad is someone you happily shouted & other; Corniche wow & throughout; (& other Hello & throughout;) , you had to be greeted with a grin.

the second case, by the Japanese as a Japanese, this kind of situation, but I still can appear regularly. Whenever in abroad (not in Japan) in the Japanese opening and I bow speak Japanese, I feel coke: Japanese pop & other; The Japanese theory & throughout; That Japanese social culture not only unique, even race has nothing to do with other Asian countries. So, that day I treated as Chinese people abroad, most Japanese people feel somewhat uncomfortable.

the third case, by the Chinese as the Japanese. Occasionally run into this situation, I will endeavour, don’t know what is in the wrong, or not coordinated enough, or the hair look like Mr Koizumi? Depressed ah!

Brazil chinese-american writer yi-ping yuan in his book crow smile marry a Brazilian, describes a place called & other; Big money & throughout; Figure. A big money to the bank for payment, enter posed long queues at the counter, and then the cheek, queue-jump crowded to the front of the team paid the bills. A gentleman first angry, scold old money say, & other; The Japanese, you don’t behave, for shame! Throughout the &; Big money didn’t do any explanation, awkward smile away. His mouth comfort themselves to whisper, anyway, scold not me, I am not Japanese. All right! However once the big money to do something good, he always stick glory in the Chinese face. One winter night, he helped a Chinese church as beggars send food shelter under the bridge. That help poor people get the bread and milk, straight fuels bowing, grateful. Because I don’t know I have your name, handouts, he said 1 vigorously bow, thanks to the Japanese, the Japanese is really good. Big money promptly corrected: & other; We are not Japanese, we are Chinese. You know what? The Chinese people. Throughout the &; The logic of big money is this: & other; Over time, the Brazilian thought, every good thing are all Chinese do! Throughout the &; & other; Big money & throughout; Unremitting efforts may be in vain, because such tricks the Japanese will play.

a friend told me that if there is Chinese or Japanese did a bad thing never admit, cold poke him with the awl, if he shouted & other; Oh & throughout; And, of course, is that blood is thicker than water; If he is howling & other; あ あ (ah, ah) & throughout; Or & other; Baga (ba ga) & throughout; Surely, this person is separated only by a strip of water. I think this way is to distinguish between the two americans and south koreans ultimate skill.


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