Us scientists “menu” Mars: all vegetarian Astronauts can cooking

magazine web site reported this morning in the United States, scientists in the United States for the Mars & other; Mars menu & throughout; A forthcoming, has established more than 100 kinds of menu, including tofu, nuts, plain pizza.

U.S. President barack Obama has ordered the national aeronautics and space administration, hope in the mid – 2030 astronauts to Mars. For ensure that astronauts eat a healthy diet, the most economical, most convenient way to Cornell university and the university of ma Noah researchers developed simulation base on Mars & other; Mars menu & throughout; .

at present, scientists have developed more than 100 recipes, but are ready in advance, or frozen, shelf life of at least two years. The lack of gravity on Mars will affect the taste, so most of food taste is very light. Scientists believe that astronauts on Mars will be able to do some simple cooking, and considering a & other; Mars greenhouse & throughout; And on the inside of fruit and vegetables.

according to the report, & other; Mars menu & throughout; All of them are vegetarian, because time is too long, short shelf life of meat, meat. It’s hard to find the astronauts on Mars.

3 years diet menu planning

according to the report, the menu is for 6 to 8 astronauts. Considering from earth to Mars to 12 months, the astronauts will also stay on Mars for 18 months, such a long time, & other; Mars menu & throughout; Is particularly important.

imagine, enough for a family to build a 3 years grocery store food, the food must be made in advance planning.