Users “98% of people will write Chinese characters” : “take”

thirteenth international mother tongue day

changchun mistake a netizen posted easy to misread characters

recently, Internet & other; General MAO & throughout; Post said & other; 98% of people will write words throughout the &; And published a picture. In the picture, write the five words, & other; Embarrassing & throughout; , & other Weeks & throughout; , & other Throughout the lung &; , & other Take & throughout; Is very easy to write wrong word. & other; Embarrassing & throughout; On the left is not & other; Nine & throughout; But & other; Especially & throughout; A little less; & other; Weeks & throughout; Word is not & other; James & throughout; But & other; Soil & throughout; ; & other; Throughout the lung &; On the right is not & other; Throughout the city &; But from a set down; & other; Take & throughout; The above is not & other; Yue & throughout; But there is no sealing.

netizen: always write typo

posts and a lot of netizens are response to these words have been written to miss, and think of the most wrong is & other; Weeks & throughout; And & other Take & throughout; .

Internet & other; Is to play soy sauce drop & throughout; Says that a clerical error is 21 years, & other; As the first, I just know, writing for 21 years, just know not nine. Throughout the &;

Internet & other; Leehaojia & throughout; Also could not understand why always play to say the word, & other; The building Lord I never play with my mobile phone is solved out embarrassing two word sorry (note: I am a stroke). Throughout the &;

more netizens summarizes their views, & other; So-and-so throughout 7566 &; Said: & other; Few pen now, now is a pen to write, it is hard to find a pen to write a picture & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

reporter also opened the dictionary, & other; Take & throughout; Word for example STH, & other; Take & throughout; The Chinese character component of radical is & other; 冂 & throughout; , belongs to the upper and lower structure, and a lot of people are easy to write it right & other Yue & throughout; .

the language teacher: writing to starts

at this, the reporter contacted senior Chinese teacher Feng Yinjiang. Von teacher said that such writing is not standard, more is handwritten roadside billboards or the Internet. Do have a lot in Chinese characters and easy to write wrong, need to pay attention to, and standard Chinese characters writing requires the starts.

& other; Love everyone attaches great importance to the native language, mother tongue, not only is that mother tongue get good tradition, the important guarantee of constructing a personal as well as all kinds of knowledge platform. So we’re going to learn good language, using native language. Throughout the &; Feng said the teacher. Sohu net

yesterday is that native language reflect a man or a nation members of ethnic language and culture identity. Recently, many people start writing the standard Chinese. In changchun, baidu bar, there is a net friend post said there are several Chinese characters is a lot of people will write wrong.


February 21 as & other; Throughout world mother tongue day &; Associated with the Bangladesh for independence. In 1952, when Bangladesh also belong to Pakistan, people for the Bengali demonstrations listed as one of the official languages. On February 21, the day, the police to a group of demonstrators, there were five demonstrators were killed. Bangladesh after independence, for the several & other; Language throughout the martyr &; Established a monument. Since 1953, February 21, hero anniversary is Bangladesh. Love of these martyrs and aroused people’s respect of Bengali and Bangladesh culture consciousness, and ultimately laid a foundation to the independence and liberation of Bangladesh. Pakistan’s 1956 constitution Bengali and Urdu and at the same time as the national language.

in November 1999, UNESCO’s general conference announced that since 2000, each year on February 21, as an international language. Mark international mother tongue day, aimed at promoting the diversity of languages and cultures, and multilingual. Language is the preservation and development the most powerful tools of tangible and intangible heritage. All promote the spread of the mother tongue movement, not only help the diversification of language and multilingual education, but also can improve the understanding of the language and cultural traditions of the world’s, in, on the basis of understanding, tolerance and dialogue, contribute to the unity of the people of the world.