Van gogh cut has a new ear: with high more disputes be cut down? (FIG.)

van gogh (left) and high (right)

either real or fake, this is a better than what we already know version of the story, two German art historians claim that van gogh was not cut off your ears, and cut off his ear is another painter Paul gauguin.

, they say, it is because they had a vicious10 disagreement between two people, and the two artists in order to prevent the prosecution and conceal the accident.

in the two German art historian Hans Kaufmann and Rita Wildegans book & other; Van gogh’s ear: Paul gauguin and silent agreement & throughout; , they claim, it happened on December 23, 1888, gauguin and van gogh stay in France, the relationship between the two people they have in trouble, Paul gauguin has packed the baggage, leaving, van gogh, behind high more then dispute happened. At this time of high more hand holding his sword, so angry gauguin turned and cut off of van gogh’s ear.

says in the book, because you have lost one ear and out of balance of van gogh committed suicide two years after that.

in the evening, van gogh took his ear to a nearby brothel, later, an oblique walked home again, and high more when things happen during that time also stay in al & ndash; & ndash; Not as widely circulated in van gogh’s ear was cut off before he had left.

that the evidence is that they are in the last letter to gauguin van gogh found such a words: & other; You keep silence, and I will do so. Throughout the &;