Van gogh death data processing: to love oneself is the burden for younger brother

van gogh death data processing

van gogh in France in 1890 watts of riverside ou wei, who died at the age of 37. It has long been thought, he is a catcher china-dprk oneself open one gun, then returned to the inn, finally died.

the new book “biography of Vincent van gogh and author Steven and Gregory with more than 20 translators and researchers say after a decade of research, Vincent van gogh was a 16-year-old boy named Rene pistol shot. Two writers reasoned that van gogh was to hide the truth, protect the boy, is & other; Because of van gogh welcome throughout the coming of death &; And don’t want to let the two brothers & other; So it caused outrage & throughout; . Van gogh accept death & other; Is actually out of love for his brother, because he is a burden for my brother & throughout; . Van gogh’s brother was funded him, because his paintings and other Sell & throughout; . (according to the reference message “)