Vegetable dug two qianlong decade imperial tablet was destroyed during the cultural revolution

to bury the imperial tablet weight set and a half centuries village

“dug two qing dynasty imperial tablet in the vegetable” subsequent

yesterday, in the buried underground for more than half a century of two-way qing imperial tablet for 10 years, finally to stand in the zhengzhou city economic zone bow village village village.

at 8 o ‘clock yesterday morning, the bows 17 strong man in the village of village village, under the command of the yongzhou digging and lift, finally by cranes and trucks, the two-way imperial tablet move out from the vegetable, shipped to the village of GongShi ancestral temple doorway, to stand up.

at 11 in the morning and two pieces of tablet set up after the villagers began to flush which the soil. Although the wind is, 58, bow yongzhou full head big sweat.

& other; Two pieces of tablet in & lsquo; The cultural revolution & rsquo; During different levels have been damaged, is used to carry the tablet straining broke him in the head and one of the stone tablet cap break into two pieces, we are going to please the best craftsmen to sticking recovery. Throughout the &; Have been busy at the scene of bow yongzhou, carefully check the dig out two pieces of stone tablets, which lack of Angle, which has a pit, he recorded one by one. Reporter discovery, two-way time are made by the imperial tablet & other; Qianlong decade on February 26th & throughout; .

& other; Two-way tablet is a letter to emperor qianlong GongShi GongDeBei ancestors, is our clan, spend a little money also value! Throughout the &; According to bow yongzhou, the garden of the house of a villager to the whereabouts of the imperial tablet, the village men, women and children are very excited, the strong man in the village are demanded to participate in mining. On the same day, behold, in mining due to the master of the garden too destroy food it’s too bad, shutdown compensate for the losses, dug half stopped two stone tablets. The day before yesterday evening, after the village, the final compensation agreement with the owner of the garden. Yesterday morning, the garden owner finally agreed to continue mining stone tablets.

reporter Li Lanwen 闫化庄 figure