Venus day now: a coup to promote its ancient superstitions about personnel

Venus is also called chang gung, ignition, too light or too white Venus, in ancient times it is a daunting planet, when it appeared on the wrong track or point in time, explain astrology officials think evil will befall.

according to the “old tang book & middot; Li Jun envy biography, the early years of the dynasty, had just won the emperor on account of the throne of hear seeks to make reporting & other; See throughout day & white frequency; The terrible news. Seeks to explains the Venus day now herald & other; She chang & throughout; Rumors, coupled with the capital & other; When a women Lawrence w. & throughout; , this let its willies. Its association with & other; Wu & throughout; Related & other; Women & throughout; To be against him. Is wu zetian? Although we know that this phase is often casual days later historians to lines, but at the time its is absolutely won’t associate it with wu zetian. The reason is very simple, the early years of the dynasty, wu zetian is not born, about 17 years later she will appear in the account of the world. But always someone responsible for the tx, so in after a bit & other; Human flesh search & throughout; Li Jun envy, you will be locked. Li Jun envy is its height from the dragon, has been dubbed Wu Lianjun male, and general had left maggie wu, and according to its memory, Li Jun envy in explosive nickname for a palace dinner & other; Five lady & throughout; . To sum up, eventually Li Jun envy & other By rebellion & throughout; , evaporate quickly, die without rhyme or reason.

absurd: the political interpretation of astronomical phenomena

a chance why Venus day is too much to see the world will want to kill people? In fact, as early as a year ago, namely Tang Gaozu tang gaozu wude nine years June 1 and 3, too white Venus appears twice in the day, and this time the emergence of Venus has still to qin account is close to life and death choice.

according to the “old tang book & middot; days chinese-speaking”, wude nine years in June 3, when Venus day across the sky again, seeks to make Fu Yi immediately to tang gaozu play, said & other; See the white qin, qin when throughout the world &; . Tang gaozu to think a long time, or the secret to account. Say more intertwined with age in superstition day, its natural know father the moral of the move with the weight. Suspected suicide to clarify its not choice, but direct coup in June 4th kill prince Li Yuanji prof li, brother, and forced his father to abdicate.

due to the historical data is difficult to find on seeks to Fu Yi deal with prince prof li group any evidence of visible behind the account is quite believe this day because of the political significance, the Venus day now has become its direct motive of a coup.

“old tang book & middot; Li Jun envy”, said wu zetian, two years should Li Jun envy family members to the queen said discretion, wu zetian to rehabilitate Li Jun envy. Wu zetian clearly and also its convinced that it was a day as phase & other; Reasonable & throughout; Suggest and glad someone a woes for himself.

the ancients superstitious objects in the universe has a close relationship with the personnel, and can be seen just how shocking.

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