Venus had a happy family, said: I’m on the stage is absolute queen (FIG.)


conference Venus for drama had his hair cut short, casual dress up, wear glasses.

new drama “embarrassment” started a few days ago

(reporter qing-hui Chen photojournalism) Venus, GuanDong day drama in co-star unveiled for the first time, on April 20, drama “embarrassment” cast and held a press conference and the opening ceremony of the national tour. As a dancer, this is the fourth time in drama, Venus emphasizes the dance has been part of her life, and performance play because she is active on the stage, & other; Despite the recent frequently appear on TV, but the stage is still my main business. Throughout the &; While facing reporters she popped the domineering king again sentence: & other; I’m on the stage is absolute queen, this position who also rob don’t walk. Throughout the &;

discover & other; Middle-aged people heart little fresh & throughout;

“embarrassing” string, performed by the classic Broadway musical songs about the middle-aged life texture of this ethnic group, discover & other Middle-aged people heart little fresh & throughout; . The character set is very simple, is about the relation of middle-aged men and women in the city, state of existence of three kinds of urban middle-aged, three pieces of life, the three attachments. Screenwriter YuRongJun introduce creative intention: & other; When the middle-aged man is mature that framed, their hearts for youth and the thinking of life is the most true, is also the most bitter. It is often said that middle-aged as afternoon tea. Can face broke out in the years of life, the sort of dilemma embarrassment, only know its salty taste carefully tasted the bitter. Throughout the &;

Venus explosive stable marriage is very happy

in “the embarrassment,” Venus played a struggle is going through menopause, a professor at the university, the husband have small three, son died also, family life is not happy. Venus got married in 2005, this year just seven years, facing the seven year itch, Venus with smiles said: & other; I have already finished itch, the family is stable and happy. I only in the stage of embarrassing, put all the awkward stage, if the life is filled with embarrassment, how sad! Throughout the &;

it is understood that this play will be on June 21 to 30 in Shanghai orchid heart the grand theater premiered across the country, will this year July set foot on the path of national tour.