Venus said domestic television will not take dance: the first in the Spring Festival gala and microphone

singing show, the dance show also. Big dance reality show “so you think you can dance” to invite Yang liping, Venus, Fang Jun and Chen xiao chun as mentor, four people meet in Beijing and the national media yesterday, they can speak to pick out a heroic & other; China’s good dancer & throughout; . It is reported, “so you think you can dance” the introduction “SoYouThinkYouCanDance” copyright in the United States, will be landing on February 15th, night dragon TV.

lost in the dance art Yang liping, besides performance rarely appear on the screen, let alone to participate in the variety show. This time abnormality as “so you think you can dance” teacher, not only for media was surprised, Yang liping herself very uneasy, & other; Fear, and some don’t adapt & throughout; . Asked why determined & other; The shape & throughout; , Yang liping, are you moved by the sincerity of three visits, she sigh, China has many talented dancers, less valued, & other; At some big party, give a dancer’s time much less than to the singer, and “so you think you can dance” is really belongs to the dancers platform in China. Throughout the &; Extremely value yourself & other; Mentor debut & throughout; , Yang liping yesterday not only wearing grand national costumes, & other; My face is some ethnic minorities totem, the sun the moon, there are mountain water, hoping to bring good luck. Throughout the &; Unlike Yang liping, Venus is & other; Familiar faces & throughout; , when she was in the dance of observers, and other Poison tongue & throughout; Capability to make a lot of star ferocious. This time, Venus said will be more strict, & other; In this stage, I play emotional brand and Yang liping. Good is good, bad is bad & throughout; .

tough-talking Venus and fire when reporter mentioned that Spring Festival gala, & other; I am the first person in the Spring Festival gala and microphone! Throughout the &; In 1995, zhao an post of director of the spring evening, Venus is zaza choreography solo ChunYun, she because of dissatisfaction with the face close-up too much and had a cow, because the beauty of dance is flowing in each limb movements, including small joint rotation, sometimes even a moment frames. Venus said many domestic television know dance, few take the dance. IfengLogo (Zhou Wen)