Veterans reveal past events of the war of resistance against Japan: preferential treatment Japanese prisoner allowed to go out shopping

yesterday, from mainland, Taiwan veteran in the country to visit

yesterday morning, yuzhong zhongtian hotel conference room, the poignant song, expressing form of poetry, will be the feelings of chongqing and Taiwan together. On the same day, sponsored by the municipal Taiwan affairs & other; Looking for the anti-japanese footprint, seek peaceful development & throughout; Visit exchange activities are held here, delegates tells the story unknown resistance, as well as thoughts and to promote the development of cross-strait relations over the years. We have learned, in the 7 day activities, they will visit chongqing Anti-Japanese War sites, industrial park, so as to construct platform for sustainable development on both sides of the Taiwan straits started communication, to further improve on both sides of the same flesh and blood of the family.

escort prisoners story

allows Japanese prisoner go out shopping

& other; For my generation, when it comes to the anti-japanese blood boiling, I didn’t realize I was just to catch up with a tail. Throughout the &; Yung-ching liu, a 86 – year – old old man of anti-japanese story, said that made him the most impressive is the Chinese tolerance of Japanese captive soldier.

yung-ching liu said, after the outbreak of the Anti-Japanese War, countless patriotic people to join and defend, in 1943 after graduating from high school, he was admitted to huangpu military academy, 19 tohave aspires to join the army. Point system for three years, because of the anti-japanese front tight, in 1945, he graduated in advance when it on to the second grade to the front. Let he didn’t expect is that you haven’t open one gun, Japan had surrendered.

& other; Can’t personally battlefield beating up on the Japanese, it is a pity. Throughout the &; Yung-ching liu said that he was a lieutenant platoon leader, with more than 30 people, undertake the task of the holding Japanese prisoner within. In one day, a Japanese ran to report, he wants to go shopping for coffee. & other; This matter is serious, I immediately reported to leadership. Throughout the &; Yung-ching liu said, the superior agreed to the request, also said that as long as within the prescribed period of time, the Japanese army captured all can go out shopping, drink coffee. Liu Qingyong said that the Chinese military life is very difficult, often is had on the next, but the Japanese prisoner is very preferential treatment, not only didn’t beat and scold, various aspects also try to meet them.

bloody stories of the war of resistance against Japan

& other; One-eyed Iliad & throughout; Shopping in a Japanese soldier

& other; I don’t money, also not bad, I as long as the Japanese life. Throughout the &; Father of the sentence rhetoric, has been engraved on the mind of Li Dahuai. Yesterday, Li Dahuai recreates the father & ndash; & ndash; & other; One-eyed Iliad & throughout; Li Zongdai organization & other; Death squads & throughout; Shopping in the Japanese feat.

Li Dahuai father Li Zongdai is movie hero company commander in the bloody battle the taierhchuang prototype, have & other; One-eyed Iliad & throughout; Known, is a YuanGuoMin revolutionary 40 army veterans. Already taierhchuang the battle with the Japanese side plate through divisions to a bloody battle, destroy the enemy tanks 1, seized vehicles 3, killing enemy wild battalion chief, and several Japanese sword hand blade in melee.

& other; The battle in 1938, the father generation won’t forget. Throughout the &; Li Dahuai said, 40 army supply group has a total of more than 170 people, the order they defend from March 9 to 12 positions. The first battle, the company commander died, his second company commander a broken leg.

& other; Devil, aircraft bombed, first the big gun is cavalry rushed up again, the last is armored vehicles, tanks cover the infantry attack. See the enemy cavalry rushed over, my father on the horsehead one gun, see the devil fell on the ground could roll over, and he rushed up to shoot even. No gun then, the soldiers can only use grenades and charge, some late, carried on the charge with the enemy. Throughout the &; Seeing the enemy’s tank failure Li Dahuai said, father, a wave of his hand shouts exuberantly & other; Brothers, there is a rush with me & throughout; !

the first three as a company commander or death or residual, Li Zongdai was supposed fourth company commander, he organized & other; Death squads & throughout; , 170 people defend position four days, with the domestic old rifle, 10 times to beat off the enemy attack, enemy killed more than 400 people, their last along with cooks, clerical only 29 people.

The end of the

the positional warfare, Li Zongdai reinforced company by a group of students of linyi added into a sharp knife. On May 1, the same year, in an encounter, Li Zongdai climb to the top of the wall, was devil a shot in the knee, another gun through the bridge of the nose on the right side of the brain, from the right ear, cause blindness in his right eye. Anti-Japanese War in the late Li Zongdai also won a one-eyed, with a rifle shot down enemy planes.

field friendship story

& other; Cao translation & throughout; Play with

the son of China Cao Pang cao pei, says his father likes playing football, has therefore become the ball friend with stilwell.

the hua cao is proficient in three languages English, Russian, method of the translator, because the Japanese invasion of Shanghai, fudan university, and moved west & other Capital & throughout; Chongqing. In 1938, China was admitted to fudan university foreign language &literature, cao became the first students after migration.

in the summer of 1943, the Chinese expeditionary force, in troops making counter-offensive Burma, be badly in need of a large number of young recruits, just a few months, nearly 100000 patriotic students to join. Fudan university President Wu Naxuan find cao talk: the more China & other; Schools want to recommend you and two other classmates to force, you see? Throughout the &; Cao excited to answer: the more China & other; Noproble, Sir! (no problem, Sir) & throughout;

25, cao immediately flew to the China, assigned to the artillery school, an American officer for the lecture as a translation. A year later, drafted by the superior, the more outstanding cao China fly via & other; Hump route & throughout; To India, to attend in battle troops counter-offensive Burma. On the eve of a major myitkyina in myanmar, he hid in the trenches, pouring rain has not stopped, all night long guns around everywhere, bullets on his head. Myitkyina postwar, the cao hua ren 30 division hq interpreter for lieutenant colonel, director of the with a new army commander general stilwell increased contact sun li-jen, the United States. Once, stilwell when inspecting position, regrets ground of a translator cao said the China & other; Humans have two big athletic contest, sports is a kind of civilization, is a brutal war. I love football when I was younger, interested in sports of civilization, did not think of the old finish to participate in the brutal war. Throughout the &;

since childhood love football, the cao China learn from university, has been the main center of the school team. This topic at that time, was also chat with stilwell, discussion. Cao Pang repeatedly tells a reporter, under the advocacy of stilwell, cao and several football lovers make up the China war football team, the gap in combat, and they play against general stilwell and others several times.

civilians during the war story

& other; Throughout Taiwan to xin &; Embarks from the chongqing

& other; Chongqing is my childhood laughter and tears, never-ending flood jialing river, is raising the milk of my life. Throughout the &; This is Liu Aili said the most words. Liu Aili, was born in 1932, originally from chongqing, to Taiwan in 1948. Her father in his early years, 10 years old making a living away from home, in the large house wench; Begs raising brother; Living alone in Shanghai glamour, met many dignitaries, homeland.

Liu Aili at first, it is hard to her with well-known social activist, a writer from Taiwan, China, her determination, rollerblading. The 80 – year – old old man talk freely. & other; I will present all of the Chinese civilian real story. Throughout the &; Liu Aili said. Decades of life in Taiwan, China, and work in the Chinese education and exchanges across the strait, Liu Aili chat with reporters, speaks fluent mandarin, only in a meal, to reveal a word or two authentic chongqing dialect. In 2006, her autobiographical essays “sichuan girl, daughter-in-law, jiangsu, Taiwan’s grandma” published for the first time in China, and the will of her own experience of growing up since 1932, and experienced over the patriotic story, after assembly into the book.

& other; In order to make Taiwan old man know that the development of the mainland, I often organize them come back and visit, even & lsquo; Encourage & rsquo; They settled back to the mainland. Throughout the &; Speaking of these, Liu Aili parade. Then, she began to count nearly period of time and make many Taiwanese discarded old man.

reporter Tan Ke