Vinyl records into collectors to be bestowed favor on newly romance works sold out of stock price tens of thousands of yuan

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restoring ancient ways is the fashion forever, it in today’s music industry is in truth. As 1984 CDS become a spent force in this earth, music in the 20th century the most important position of vinyl records are making a comeback, become collectors of investment to be bestowed favor on newly. Recently issued by China record company’s Shanghai office romance, white light, yao lee after engraving of vinyl continue selling on the Internet, including lead romance record selling to out of stock, the record company even raised their prices. In market, some rare species of vinyl records are up to ten thousand yuan of above.

& other; Lead & throughout; Put light and name

vinyl records in the mid – 1980 – s began to be replaced by CD, in 1992 China began to enter into the age of CDS, the end of 1998 China vinyl production line closed, marked the vinyl formally withdrew from the mainstream music consumption market. Although vinyl has never really left the line of sight of people, but for a long time it was on the bottom, the price also only in a few yuan.

this kind of situation in the recent changes. Sing Shanghai tentatively published vinyl records romance, white light, and name yao lee, accidentally triggered snapping up, this makes the company’s staff are unexpected: & other; We’ve just sent a couple of thousand, but has almost sold out. Especially romance music, every day someone calls to buy. Throughout the &;

staff believe that version has played a key role in it. The romance, white light, yao lee varieties and name of the sound source were taken from the China record Shanghai company recorded in the thirties of the 20th century metal template. Just wait note after each lyrics have attached template per song of the source number, relative record number, recording date and date of publication, are derived from the original record labels. This work due to domestic had no and name of production line, the world is only a few countries such as Germany, Japan has the technology, finally chose Germany sing Shanghai well-known fever giant & other; The tiger fish & throughout; (PaulerAcoustics studio) as post-processing, in addition to the use of advanced audio noise reduction technology, to remove due to old, template rust outside noise, do not make any processing. Presented to the audience, therefore, more than half a century ago the original original recording effect.

vinyl bullish

in fact, sing Shanghai vinyl and name is is not the first time. Last year 1959 recording and name by YuLiNa play violin concerto “butterfly lovers”, 1970, recording by chengzong Yin to play the piano concerto “Yellow River” has achieved good sales performance, this let sing Shanghai initiation the idea of continue to vinyl records and name.

vinyl records in the same market began to collection & other Respected throughout the &; . According to introducing, now on the market the price of black bakelite record from a few dollars to tens of thousands of yuan, as the front page of the piece to have a clear want 300 multivariate. And good quality of used black bakelite classical music class a more than 200 yuan, the price of some fever pop music, such as Jacky cheung’s “true feelings”, “light hard-currency” Teresa teng, prices have increased from several hundred yuan to 23000 yuan.

there are some special varieties, has become a vinyl record collection of popular on the market. & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; Issue of bakelite record with era characteristics and potential investment value, eight model operas record new full asking price is now up to 30000 yuan. Some old records reflect the important historical events is highly collectors, the price does not poor. A 1934’s “xia to dance” and “rosy clouds chasing the moon”, the market price is in 12000 yuan and 5000 yuan of above. At the Shanghai international commodity auction co., LTD., the host & other Throughout the years & sea; Mr Auction, a speech recording, clinch a deal valence also broke through the $ten thousand mark.

vinyl Renaissance highlights years precipitate

reporter in a named & other; Vinyl records throughout the heavens and the earth &; Web site, the site of various categories of vinyl records from soup to nuts, from Chinese to Japanese to English, price from a few yuan to thousands of yuan, sales are still very hot. Considering now declining, the CDS market sales of vinyl buck the trend, become a notable phenomenon.

Shanghai vinyl collector Mr. G. tells a reporter, vinyl record collection of most people has a special sensitive to sounds. Collectors are convinced that the vinyl timbre is the most warm and close to the original sound, and later a CD with a digital recording technology, has relatively cold tone. In addition, the revival of the vinyl also influenced by cultural ideological trend restoring ancient ways, the envelope design, the leading tone playback devices, and play vinyl gentleness, has become the salute to the past classic projection of this age. A collector described: & other; With an old phonograph playing an old album, immediately have a turn back the clock of classic lasting appeal, feel the old record of groove, in addition to music, and age, is from the wisps of Chen fragrant and sadness. As bakelite record collection heat rising, bakelite music appreciation potential is growing, with ancient rare books. Throughout the &;

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one of the earliest domestic album

record victory company in 1904 by the Shanghai Peking Opera master Sun Juxian for ding view picture, “catch put cao”, “mulberry field send son”, “search alone save solitary”, and in 1907 by the one hundred record generation company of Peking Opera master Tan Xinpei “HongYang hole”, “horse”, such as records, the earliest & market now can see is the other; Domestic record & throughout; .

1921 Shanghai one hundred generation company reorganization to & other; Throughout east one hundred generation &; That year, nie er, Li Jin light,, xian and so on outstanding musicians are in the work. & other; Throughout east one hundred generation &; Began to direct the production record in China, a group of university of orphan works and art collection, such as “volunteer march”, “fishing song”, “song newspaper”, “xia spoilers, emerald green dam chunxiao,” wang zhaojun fill “and so on, become the most complete record of the development of Chinese modern music. & other; Throughout the greater China &; Plays music as the movie “mei lanfang” hit, the price also jump higher.