Visit China’s oldest centenarians couples: a total of 14 grandchildren 10 great-grandchildren

better couple sheng-zhong Yang, Jin Jifen

on January 20, a reporter from DouYun trait in guizhou autonomous prefecture city, drive hundreds kilometers to tongzhou PingTang county town party vibration village to visit a birthday girl couple. After more than four hours, finally to find sheng-zhong Yang, Jin Jifen longevity and his wife, and two better eat a meal together.

to celebrate the grandson family

the party rock vibration village well group is located at an altitude of km above, stepping on the thick leaves sedimentary mall, at the end of the road is a local traditional building wooden house, far she heard a burst of to mingle, turned out to be the old Sun Ziyang forest with the child back Chinese New Year. Know have guests, the two old man has walked out of the room and enthusiastically greeted everyone sitting in coals is booming in the hearth, pull homely.

it’s getting late, sheng-zhong Yang a warmly to retain the guests to dinner, Yang again Lin Duan peasant native boil a pot of steaming on the stove, the house full of fragrance, a fourth generation around the warm, eat family reunion dinner in advance. Two old people’s appetite is wonderful, sheng-zhong Yang three under two finish eat a bowl of rice, sit there watching you eat. Daughter-in-law cook the rice very soft, Jin Jifen mix chili ate two bowls of rice a more leisurely pace, daughter-in-law to give her a bowl of chicken soup.

birthday girl at the age of 109 and 106 – year – old

sheng-zhong Yang tall, once has been very strong, never had any serious illness, I have cold also will eat some cold medicine, even it is good to drink a few mouth shochu, until recent years, the old man’s eyes and ears to not make; Wife Jin Jifen is very talkative and alertness, clear thinking, talking about happy place, the old lady open mouth, her teeth out ha ha laugh.

from the outside can not see the actual age of the old couple, sheng-zhong Yang was born in December 1902, the 109 – year – old Jin Jifen was born in September 1905, is 106 years old, also the sum of two people age 215 years old. Sheng-zhong Yang, Jin Jifen couple four female family had two sons, the eldest died at a very early age, the younger son xiu-li Yang, 61, and serve the old man lived with both parents, youngest daughter marry in hebei province, the couple has 14 grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren.

Sun Ziyang Lin, 38, again, when the chemistry teachers in middle school, grandson’s wife to work in the county court, settled in the county seat, because the work is busy at ordinary times rarely meet. Yang Lin again this time with a 3 year old son home to visit great-grandparents, four generations under a tenant.

married nearly ninety

, Jin Jifen recalls, they were still in infancy, the parents will introduce the matchmaker worked out a doll close, Jin Jifen at the age of 17, according to some sheng-zhong Yang married her three years old.

a lot of people ask the old couple have what longevity, they always answer with rural people simple language, such as & other; Every day to work & throughout; , & other; Throughout the family to be kind &; , & other; No matter how much difficulty to relax & throughout; , & other; Blessings & throughout; And so on. Sheng-zhong Yang in recent years, some action inconvenience, on a crutch can still own journey, Jin Jifen early in the morning after getting up, rice pot, pick vegetables, pigs, sweeping the floor, has been busy, & other; To live is to work, not can’t live here. Throughout the &; Jin Jifen think so.

let Yang, golden couple longevity & other; The secret & throughout; , but more important is the mentality. Described according to the gold old lady married age, according to two people get married time is close to 90, the world rare.

it is reported that recently, the Chinese society of gerontology officially recognized: sheng-zhong Yang, Jin Jifen currently living in China’s oldest centenarians couples.