Visit the Palace Museum is not open area not mysterious open area (FIG.)

overhaul CiNing palace in the main hall

museum ChunWei is thick, the meeting was in sheng ShouKang house two pear tree.

on April 10, the reporter walks into part of the imperial palace is not open area, find out them. CiNing palace front, a pair of benevolent dignified solemn and respectful; CiNing palace garden, is the maintenance construction; ShouKang palace, two rough pear trees are blooming. They will be open to the public after the renovation.

two months ago, on February 14, the Palace Museum, the new dean ChanJi flying for the first time meet with the media, reveal the palace will expand open area planning. Included in the plans to open not open area, CiNing palace, CiNing palace garden, ShouKang palace, is striking. Said a for many years in the Palace Museum staff & other; The three places, some of them I never been to. Throughout the &;

in the Forbidden City this & other; Encyclopedia & throughout; In the open area is not the dusty pages. In the near future, part of them will shake off the dust, show the tourists & other; Readers & throughout; In front of.

& other; Is no mystery & throughout; Did not open area

ShouKang palace, two pear tree is stunning. Them through the years, through wind and frost, but once in spring, then on time in full bloom. ShouKang palace after opening, such as the spring to viewers will see their ground.

6 days after the ching Ming festival, on the morning of April 10, the staff under the guidance of the imperial palace, the reporter arrived at the imperial palace imperial palace outside the west CiNing palace of the cases of the west side of the door. CiNing door for CiNing palace front door, a pair of copper and gold benevolent staking out the door, liang fang painted gold figured stone grinding jade spinor watercolors, smallpox is drain powder in gold with dragon designs. CiNing palace overhaul is coming to an end, palace ground clean, porch tiled roof brightly colored.

when Ming dynasty, CiNing palace for the queen mother, queen mother and older concubines bedroom. Qing shunzhi decade (1653), rebuilt CiNing palace for the queen mother (sourdrang queen) bedroom. Twenty-six years (in 1687), 72 – year – old sourdrang after illness, CiNing palace as for the place that held a ceremony, until the end.

CiNing gate, through a pile of sand long, journalists entered CiNing palace southwest CiNing palace garden. Park is being repaired, the ground neatly piled up with glazed tile, wood, scaffolding steel tube, if salty in the north of central pavilion and stream in the pavilion, on the scaffold.

by scaffolding nets, vaguely see if salty pavilion eaves painting, although some faded, but can still identify to the other side of the two dragons, lifelike, delicate abnormality. Pillars, stone is very complex for birds, between than open area for birds, stone of the main hall is more cabinet and delicate. The garden you can see more hard mountain type structure houses, different from the main palace has open area of the break mountain and hip roof top structure. This garden is the Ming and qing dynasties too queen, queen and concubines were open, of course, architectural style and the palace area has a certain difference, therefore, has the ornamental function and recreational function. In the future, these are likely to become a much visitors eyes.

if salty pavilion, the imperial palace re-hire tube good for retired experts told reporters, for the convenience of maintenance, the museum of cultural relics have moved elsewhere. Park pool sophisticated chic, rocks, many ancient trees, tree peony and herbaceous peony has buds from the flower bed. In the national Palace Museum web site of the garden, have this expression: & other; In etiquette, guarded the Forbidden City, CiNing palace garden is the only thing that can make the generation before empresses finds easy in comfort. Throughout the &;

CiNing palace garden, arrived at the CiNing ShouKang palace palace on the west side. The house clean and tidy, seem Windows colorful corridor column, several electrician is maintenance lines. Similar to CiNing palace, ShouKang palace belong to queen mother living areas in the qing dynasty. Queen palace area layout is complete, have accepted handsel to chant buddhist scripture, course with the queen mother, toffee, too and they lived, and value of room, board room, pharmacy, clean room, well pavilions, etc.

is the most amazing, the reporter sees, ShouKang palace before around two rough pear tree, the tree is exquisite, canopy, large tree full of pear flower was filled. Don’t know, how much was the queen mother female wives in the tree to rest under the tree thinking. ShouKang palace after opening, such as the season of the audience will be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of their looks.