Wang anyi’s about to change style: writing there is always change Don’t surf the Internet at ordinary times

March 4 in the afternoon, the political bureau of the CPC central committee li changchun to Beijing international hotel, and attend the fifth session of the 11th CPPCC national committee members of the literary spends significant. Picture of CPPCC, the famous actor pu cunxin (left), a famous artist, han meilin (in) talking with famous writer wang anyi (right). China news agency reporters Li Xueshi taken

China Beijing on March 11 (Reuters) : & other; Shanghai & throughout; Writer wang anyi’s: don’t get to the Internet, see reality

China news agency reporters fu yung

bun, short boots, blue coat. 11 in the great hall of the people in Beijing on the first floor lounge, the CPPCC national committee, the famous writer wang anyi’s end up a cup of tea, the China news agency reporters talked about her novels with her in the eyes of moral, economic, and civilization.

& other; Used to speak simple things complicated, now is the complex things simple. Throughout the &; This is critical to the evaluation of wang anyi’s latest novel “day sweet”. The department works in late Ming dynasty as the background, tells the story Shanghai family of hatred.

wang anyi said: & other; This evaluation is very good. Before the “everlasting regret” I began trying to use concise expression of the style. Plus the day sweet talking about things of the era, and mere imagination, try to do & lsquo; Subtraction & rsquo; And don’t have much more colorful expressions. Throughout the &;

as for & other; Change a style & throughout; Reasons, said wang anyi, writing is a kind of continuous work, & other; A person in writing every day, a little ambition, there is always changing. Throughout the &;

when it comes to the reality of novels, wang anyi said: & other; I don’t surf the Internet at ordinary times, like fang and han’s argument, I don’t know. Throughout the &; & other; I also don’t see too many newspaper, one need not have too much information. Throughout the &;

but with her dressed in cheongsam, in alley review & other Shanghai dream & throughout; Women are different, wang anyi said more attention to social reality, & other; Care is the foundation of society. If one is cold, it is can’t do writers throughout the &; .

& other; For big problems, I still pay close attention to. Just pay attention to the way different with others. Throughout the &;

widely talked-about moral problems, for example, wang anyi’s thought: & other; This is not a simple moral landslide problems, seek to maximize interests of market economy, if walk along the track, I’m afraid is a point of no return. Throughout the &;

& other; However, if the conflict between economic development and promote civilization accomplishment, that’s too simple, how to explain the western society is the development of market economy, and social order situation? Throughout the &;

wang anyi called & other; Zhang ailing after a Shanghai style writers & throughout; , currently served as vice chairman of the Chinese writers association, is also a professor at Shanghai’s fudan university. Last year, she said, mainly to do two things: one is the years of a compilation book novel classroom lecture; 2 it is to some book reviews collected into, is still unfinished.

& other; Write the amount less now. Have short term goals, I still have requirements. But there is no long term goal, my eye is very short. Throughout the &; Wang anyi said with a smile, for the entrance to the Chinese people’s political consultative conference convention, she told reporters in a hurry & other; Goodbye & throughout; .