Wang gang: I won’t eat YaBaKui make a mean person is very good

directed by Jiang Kaiyang, wang gang, ming-qi li city emotional drama starring “you are my happiness” are popular CCTV – 1, the creation of the show inspired by the former Soviet union movie the story of the office, the two characters in the movie identity, personality into a scientific research institutions in contemporary China. From the hands of director Jiang Kaiyang script, after hearing the creative intention, wang gang has decided to take, just, originally, he wanted to be a time & other; The good & throughout; Was it.

has cast a guest small cui knows, sometimes live a Chinese version of the story of the office. Wang gang to accept an interview, said a fever if it wasn’t an accident, he is originally played a positive & other; Old strict & throughout; . To identify the audience into & other; The modern version & throughout; , wang gang said with a sigh: & other; Do you think he like ho-shen also just, and they were afraid I play good people also have ho-shen shadow, it would be in trouble. Throughout the &;

reporter: why are you interested in the story of the office then?

wang gang: that’s one of my favorite movies, the story of our generation in the movie’s influence is very big. Every time I hear the music in the film, see the picture segment, just as I pushed back to an era of intangible. I always pay attention to the survival state of the middle-aged intellectual and mental state, this is a very interesting class and group, I think I particularly like the glasses in the movie actor.

reporter: can you play now is a bit of a negative character, like in the movie, director of the butyl deputy director & other; Eureka & throughout; , right?

wang gang, actually a start for my not play director ding, but male one old yan, is in the movie & other; Nava rest in Chai Fu & throughout; . But, unfortunately, an accident finally let me play the villain. I am three days before starting the high fever, 39 degrees Celsius is not retreated, male leading role to a total of more than 500 plays, my god! How to do? And went on for three days, at that time, all could not, finally to discuss with the director, in a hospital bed or give me change roles, in male number two. As a result, li benefit I originally man and a number of roles, I acted in & other; Director ding & throughout; .

reporter: before the show started, the propaganda you out of the back & other; The modern version ho-shen & throughout; , don’t you think?

wang gang: this is to cater to the audience psychology, then the audience also do have this kind of view, that we too deep impression of ho-shen the character. Ding the director is only a villain in the play, he has a lot of negative character traits, conform to the plays and the shaping of the typical. But I understand, he and ho-shen, he has his own bottom line, unlike ho-shen, doing all they can grab a wealth of polar.

reporter: in fact, after TieChiTongYa ji xiaolan, you play a lot of drama, but walked out ho-shen shadow, right?

wang gang: it should be said that let me feel very tired, when tired, director of the play d, and they were afraid to look in the eyes can let a person produce illusion, thought saw a ho-shen. If play a positive role, more tired, have to try to avoid ho-shen all the hallmarks of the details. Otherwise, if I play a positive role, everyone felt ho-shen shadow, that’d be in trouble! . I think it’s the other words, feng xiaogang, is & other; Do a little true happy & throughout; !

reporter: that in life, and the declaration of the means of harmony will exerts influences you?

wang gang: no, I am a very direct person. Meet people I don’t like things, I thinks he does not exist, if he violation to me, I can walk away twice, but three, I will talk to him, very directly, or chat to eat drink, anyhow will make things clear. And I’ll talk things over, can’t eat YaBaKui, because a person can not cowardly.