Wang xp book talk about brother wang are often family said “silly child”

on May 30, this year is the 60th anniversary of the writer wang’s birth. By his brother wang xp wrote “my younger brother wang”, will be officially published by jiangsu literature and art publishing house. Wang xp wrote with wang brothers childhood, growth, youth, also took down his brother’s death. The book revealed a large number of wang-xiaobo growth picture for the first time. Famous historian, wang teacher at the university of Pittsburgh cho-yun hsu, to have the wavelet first-generation sequence for this book.

when I was a child often daydream, family called & other; Silly wave & throughout; ; With a long pole of hornets, tong after fleeing their heads; Look at the adults big steel-making cut my arm; Great famine, in the middle of the night to the National People’s Congress ZaoLin steal dates & hellip; & hellip; Such a childhood, and later critics focus on writer wang & other Intellectual & throughout; With & other; Rational & throughout; In stark contrast. This is my brother wang disclosure.

wang xp was born in 1949, wang three years older, who now lives in the United States. For the relationship between himself and his brother, wang xp says, & other My relationship with wavelet, in ordinary brother is rare. It seems like we’re born congenial, inner diaphragm rarely. To paraphrase a logical terms, is there is a relationship between soul. Throughout the &;

the book revealed that among the five siblings, only wang calcium deficiency in childhood, the typical barrel chest with calcium deficiency. & other; Wavelet often closed-minded, from small start with a pair of dull expression, stood in the center of the same age children, is a heterogeneous, make people doubt whether there is something wrong with his head, even my grandmother and my mother call him & lsquo; Silly wave & rsquo; . Throughout the &; & other; Wavelet whether at home or outside, never won a clever name. In school, he also didn’t a good student. He told me the same elementary school, than I low grade three, often criticized by the teacher: how do you not like your brother, they were all five points? Throughout the &; However, wang xp has been think he & other; Still waters run deep & throughout; .

my brother wang, wang xp wrote: & other; Wavelet about his heart trouble in there, I guess he would have felt my life won’t be very long, so he always spread the idea that life is worth living only forty years ago, after forty years old, is a slow process of the beats (note: yunnan cut cattle method). & hellip; & hellip; He and a friend in Beijing also said he thought he would die. Now that I think about it, when his myocarditis must have the quite serious degree, but you didn’t take his words seriously. Throughout the &;

according to wang xp, last a period of time in life, wang had a gloomy mood, feel oneself is a & other; The worm & throughout; , & other; What do bad & throughout; . & other; Say this sentence, from his death had not many days. He did not complain about the unfair to him, the world is to blame for his own incompetence. He seldom complain. Throughout the &;