Wanli good calligraphy is not batch of emperor jiajing of the throne was almost strangled

yong ling: almost strangled jiajing emperor

to bury the jiajing emperor and his three queen’s tomb is ling, this is one of the Ming tombs and restored after liberation without opening. Yong ling is the Ming tombs of the eighth ling, was built in 1543, was in 1566. After the appearance of the wing ling chang ling. 45 year of the reign of emperor jiajing, the mausoleum was built when he was alive, so investment is very large. Literature: & other; Yong ling, both very, magnificent for seven ling is unprecedented. Throughout the &; Unfortunately, not open wing ling only through a large door to see inside. Although 祾 en temple has not kept, but through the temple can be seen, its appearance is bigger than other ling many, cornerstone hypostyle column diameter of 1.1 meters, only less than 2 cm long ling. Ling in the great royal road stone longfeng play pearl pattern, is the first time appeared in the valley of the Kings (later dingling as well).

treacherous court official jiajing emperor reuse YanSong, hit the official harry, government affairs, not much on and a channel to teach, eventually died of taking too much of elixir. In his palace rather oppressive, moody, therefore occurred in & other; Palace of the male change & throughout; , a few maid-in-waiting almost strangled him, as a result, not only involved in the matter of 16 maid-in-waiting make clear execution, and LianJi two concubines and other more than 200 people were killed.

the four corners of the base of the Ming tombs without proper graphics is very interesting. No words which began some emperor jiajing, the previous ling, in addition to the original changling, were not without words. By adding jiajing period, but the stele base at the bottom of the four corners are all water lines. After jiajing emperor LingQian monuments, no words, the four is four aquatic turtle fish and shrimp and crab.

zhaoling: youth not loved books emperor

zhaoling mausoleum in the south of dingling, buried jiajing emperor’s third son & ndash; & ndash; Books and the emperor Ming Hou and three of his queen. Changling, due to the Ming tombs, in addition to all other ling mausoleum doors, at the temple of the qing dynasty when repair facades are narrow, then ground basic building was intact, the ling deeds pavilion in jiajing period, also, in no words tablet body was left open. So want to have a look at the Ming tombs of medium-sized ling, then see zhaoling mausoleum and the ling in recent years, according to the door of the system of Ming dynasty restored the original 祾, 祾 temple and pavilion, and the rebels burned bright floor.

books there is no pre-built longevity palace, zhaoling is originally for sejong mother, and subsequently the sejong mother was buried Zhong Xiang ling, so the books after the death of the emperor, his son, zhu yijun decided originally for grandma dungeons for father.

the biggest characteristic of zhaoling mausoleum, is first formed the complete & other; The dumb school & throughout; Formats. After the Ming dynasty in the mausoleum of hadrian from ling offered to kang LingQian six ling. Treasure top manor a natural uplift. Zhaoling is different, the treasure and the special horses do in full of the city, almost as high as the summits of treasure to the wall, the front of the horses have curved brick wall LanDang manor, and mahjong layout treasure walls on either side of the wall, form a closed crescent courtyard, people commonly known as for & other; The dumb school & throughout; And outside crescent hospital walls for & other; Crescent city & throughout; .

books and two brother before he died, so the sejong died he as the eldest son. Because his mother can not father loved his boyhood, make him concerned about the problems we face at home and abroad bureau after he began to reign, and he is frugal, rely on a few good the strong support of the secretary, leather disadvantages applied new policies. The first year of the reign of doing something good, such as release and with harry, appointment of guarding thistle state; To punish the alchemist, treacherous court official in rehabilitating YanSong persecution; Adopt pound high arch, suggestion, and the Mongol tribes and in, open the border, and so on. But a year later, he also like his father, drug addiction, also suit the love potion, lead to ignore failure. But he can also adopt several responsible the opinion of the minister, and thus relieve the sejong the legacy of a series of political crisis.

dingling: good calligraphy ignore zheng zong emperor god

dingling is our most familiar, because this is the only opened the dungeons of ling in the Ming tombs, it is located in the north of zhaoling mausoleum. Buried the longest (48) of the reign of the Ming dynasty emperor zhu yijun and god both of his queen. This is the third during his lifetime, mausoleum of emperor, thus its size and the ling almost as big, in the Ming tombs, constitute the changling center, west to the east wing ling, ding ling of the three. Other ling, were significantly smaller than the three ling. Dingling and zhaoling, the fate of the late Ming dynasty when the ground building a fire burnt by li insurgents. Now see Ming building is on the basis of the reconstruction in the qing dynasty repairs.

zhu yijun is the third child, books and 10 years old, he began to reign, title & other; Wanli & throughout; . Early by zhang juzheng fuzheng, & other; A whip & throughout; And in every way the revitalization of palace. The death of zhang juzheng, god of 20 years old start leading. Wanli in the medium term, the & other; Don’t look at, not royal feast, don’t kiss jiao temple, not having a batch of paper & throughout; Degree, and even the lack of the central and local officer don’t complement, state machine a few became paralyzed. Therefore, “Ming yue: & other; Of Ming wu, solid wu to god. Throughout the &; However, as a calligrapher, wanli and brilliant.

now we see the dingling, are almost all reproductions, empty in the underground. I was fortunate to in 1959 with his parents to visited dingling, was only eight years old, but the memories do not fade. Beside the coffin in the underground is true of some, is originally some dozens of big piece of jade, today’s coffin is completely copy, jade piece. The exhibits are all true, crown golden, left a deep impression. Then the dingling tickets is the highest in Beijing & ndash; & ndash; Triangle money (the Forbidden City a dime in town, the north sea park five cents). At the gate of the dingling bought some dried crataegus pinnatifida, big, a little face, some dried crataegus pinnatifida one bite, there is a bug, a dime a kilo, was very expensive.

Ming tombs of miserably

wishing ling: two pill to the life of light zong emperor

offer between ling and yu ling ling is located in deqing, built in 1620, buried in the light of the 29 days zong emperor zhu often with his three luo queen. He is 14 of the Ming dynasty emperor zhu by school and Zhu Youjian father, the eldest son of emperor wanli. He waited until the 38, just as the emperor. He in the wanli harem fight against a background of a deadly illness had two red pills that in the history of the matter is still a mystery.

so, after the succession of zhu xi zong emperor by the school to two things at the same time conduction was buried grandpa and buried his father. Grandpa had repaired dingling, and father of ling have to in the ancestor generation Zhu Qiyu original ling address & other; XFX depression & throughout; Built, the relatively small size, due to the terrain, mahjong layout between treasure house roof with 祾 separated by a river drainage (the bridge). Now some books say light zong emperor directly using the generation of the emperor originally built for their dungeons, that’s not true. Generation of land than light back almost 200 years ago, British ancestors & other; The change door & throughout; After the ruined his brother longevity palace. Ling just chose the generation of JianLing deqing area, was a complete reconstruction.

ling: good carpenter work almost xi zong emperor of national subjugation

the city nearest didn’t open ling is DE ling, it is located in the southeast of the Ming tombs land and along to chang ling road, the Ming tombs of seven Kong Qiao, east forced not far from there. DE ling is emperor chongzhen brother MingXi by school and queen zhang zong zhu’s tomb. The mausoleum is a tomb, the end of the Ming dynasty construction, built in 1627, s not long ago, around the empty, scarlet is relatively complete, the walls of the tomb is a typical model of inspection and Ming tomb, can walk along the wall, feeling the valley of the Kings.

the cornerstone of DE ling ling, the door gap among the two tall dense ancient pine trees, very conspicuous, it seems that at least 200 years. Ling conifers within the lush, Ming building restoration work. LingQian huge no words BeiJi relatively complete, the four corners and aquatic mascot sculpture, more delicate than other monuments, no words of ling foundation. LingQian stone bridge was reported the existence & other GuaiPo & throughout; Phenomenon, we can drive to try there.

MingXi cases as the emperor and ask the government affairs, fatuous enough. But he is also a famous & other; The carpenter emperor & throughout; , he be fond of carpentry, literature, he & other Chase clue, that is, skillfully can also mo and & throughout; . His mind with the help of this exotic curiosity-a solution looking on, government affairs to the kleptocratic courtiers, the eunuch wei chung-hsien, so as to push the country to the brink of collapse. Now Howard ling bao new & other; on the back Howard cemetery & throughout; Opened business, funeral, the streetscape.

si ling: not to repair the mausoleum of emperor chongzhen

no open si ling in the Ming tombs, is located in the southwest corner of the land, in the south of zhaoling. It has been repaired, scarlet fence is quite complete, but ling door closed, heard someone close to the inside of the dog kept barking. A tablet in outside, is set at the beginning of the qing dynasty, there is no other ling without proper heavy, but also tall enough.

si ling west wall outside the higher ground, have been struck by lightning several proud example. From this Angle can clearly see there is a tall monument si ling, and five for stone, and a little FenBao (much bigger than the general’s tomb, but can’t compared with other Ming tombs of the treasure to top). Don’t see any ground buildings within the walls. This is the original tomb of emperor chongzhen Tian Guifei, as the emperor of subjugation, and daming national capital contribution to he and zhou queen with Tian Guifei was buried in the same grave. Many times by underground soil bandit. In the qing dynasty had built for its five buildings on the ground. Later, the ground buildings have been destroyed.

the chongzhen emperor made a lot of mistakes, including kill Yuan Chonghuan wrong. As for himself, a monarch, very diligent. But his grandfather, emperor wanli emperor and his brother apocalypse to his mess has no pick up, the destruction of the dynasty was not his one can force arm.

(the author Chen lidan, a professor at the school of journalism, renmin university of China)