Water is found in the qing dynasty village “hukou” blur after one hundred years

after hundreds of years, & other; Ten CARDS & throughout; On the handwriting has become fuzzy

recently, baishui county north tableland township to village cadres in village history information collection, inadvertently found a period of ten CARDS, the reporter understands, ten brand is similar to the registered permanent residence this getting today, is a kind of public information.

besides ten brand also found selling title

according to the village is only communist party leader Lu Yongbin, around 1984 a night, the village of a 26 years wanli (1598) casting clock stolen by thieves, the villagers has for years been shuffled around looking for the clock, last year found that the clock appears in a museum nearby, in order to get back to the village clock, he and a few enthusiasts collection of data in the village in the village. Successively in the village found on the summer the inscriptions, xianfeng three years (1853) in a villager home found 25 years (1760), managment ten years (1871), years and years of the republic of China to sell the land and other precious data of more than 30.

there is a 30 cm long, about 50 cm wide with sackcloth, hemp paper made ten brand, the signature & other; The eleventh year of guangxu November 10th & throughout; Ten written on the card: & other; & hellip; & hellip; Each audit & hellip; & hellip; Fortune with brand such as have & hellip; & hellip; And foreign whereabouts of suspicious person shall report & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; And & other; Throughout south QiangZhai &; , & other Card throughout feldspar born nine &; , such as lists ten households and their name on the card.

set up ten brand management to facilitate the country

the reporter understands, related news about ten CARDS are very rare. According to historians, the study of contemporary social economic and cultural expert Liu Shenning introduction, ten brand created by wang yangming in mid and late Ming dynasty, in order to facilitate the country management, every ten to one card, for ten by county government to issue a total number or issuing a respectively, hanging on the door first, above indicate the mouth, native place, occupation, each take turns patrolling. If an illegal or harbor for bandits thief, other nine will sit down. And if there are any changes in population, also need to declare to the rulers in time, or you will be considered & other; Black & throughout; .

article/photo reporter Shi Junrong trainee reporter Zheng Han


traditional Chinese society is ruled by administrative framework, this rule is the most basic unit of the county, under the county has no resident agencies of the government. Before the qing dynasty, in the county under the general civil society, actually carry out a system of village. This is a linked to China’s traditional, patriarchal clan system controlled by the government of the folk organization form. This kind of organization form in qin and han dynasties ago called wu’s method, from the han to the sui and tang dynasties the system of the village, instead of bao-jia system after the song dynasty. After the mid-ming dynasty, wang yangming created & other; Ten brand method & throughout; , the rules is very close, make the whole system is gradually mature and perfect.