Wayward writer ShuGuoZhi: stray seven years of America’s most understand cook eat never (figure)

ShuGuoZhi has its own set of how life. Our correspondent jiegu interviewed taken

top hotel coffee shop, vision is admirable, give overlooking the whole of the park. ShuGuoZhi to sit by the window, it’s very good to recognize: tall and slim, white shirt and black trousers, antique. ShuGe ShuGuoZhi, calling, 59 years old. Although some gray hair, spirit is very good. Talking about days flashing eyes, expressions, gestures is quite rich. He loves to call to break all the shackles of life, in both free and easy.

he is famous for his wayward, never had no freedom of youth, young when purported & other Wobbly & throughout; Literary youth, both hands ChaDou, guys do film to write novels. In short story “the village people were killed, after Taiwan’s literary world, he chose to go to America to stray. Seven years later returned to Taiwan and haven’t touched novels, up to spend two hours a day to write his prose essays, time used to hang out, staring blankly. & other; I can almost be in the form of a gambler to beat a scrap of my life. I bet, just the next note, I am to like to & ndash; To sleep. Overslept. Don’t fall in love with the class. Don’t make cannot or don’t want to earn money. Throughout the &; In the afternoon of ideal “(” the ideal afternoon: about travel about swinging, ShuGuoZhi, guangxi normal university press in January 2010), he says the life desires: being on land, settle.

today, middle-aged ShuGe also not touch network, do not save money, no work, no TV and air conditioning in the home, words always have the temperament of the ancients, called & other; Ancient people living in modern & throughout; . Remained unsubstantiated has described ShuGuoZhi: & other; A table, the most happy is that a person, he has no home, the proletariat, no debt, no children, no material, now have a girlfriend rare & hellip; & hellip; Only several sets of clothes, the life is swimming experience countless. His wealth in terms of nt $one thousand, and each account in the bottom, only a few thousand yuan, just bring a pen, give oneself add some fraction of a penny. Throughout the &;

in addition to loiter about, ShuGe also is recognized as one of Taiwan’s most understand to eat, he thought & other; Food & throughout; The word and street food too have distance. He from beginning to end haven’t had a meal in the home, more than three meals a day in a team, stalls, restaurants. Such has been eating for 20 years, and had the “Taipei snacks reading notes” (” Taipei snacks reading notes “, ShuGuoZhi, guangxi normal university press, September 2011). Hearing about ShuGe talking snacks ideal life, like to accept a health care massage: in Thailand, but occasionally be point to home. Life is just his own snug ideal.

ideal: stroll and sell scallions bread

ShuGuoZhi love to talk about the ideal. He described his own & other; Ideal throughout the afternoon &; Is: & other; & hellip; & hellip; Set of shoes to go out. Just walk aimlessly, look at the picture, listen to the voices. Across the street, on the steps, and sometimes into the park, take a look at the flowers and plants, look at them. Pick a square stone or metal chair and sat down, from time to time to listen to guest high about the current politics, scented with wafts of tobacco smoke, one smile. Throughout the &; In Beijing, ShuGe enjoy his ideal in the afternoon. He walks without destination, after the north sea is dropping in to turn the, where there is a old hutongs can walk, that went in. As for the new literary position five camp hutong in Beijing, he said & other; Still a bit too narrow. Sometimes the two cars drive in, everyone would you wait for me I wait for you, like who made a mistake & throughout; .

in the introduction of the Taipei snacks reading notes, and he described his idea of a & other; The ideal industry & throughout; : & other; If there is a young man, don’t want to put up with work, determined to bake three hundred chopped green onion bread daily, at three o ‘clock in the afternoon, will be sold out at six. Throughout the &; Good luxury industry!

“the Taipei snacks notes,” write ShuGe braised pork rice, noodles, dumplings, wonton, baked wheat cake, Fried dough sticks, and carrot soup, cabbage & hellip; & hellip; In his works, food no matter element recorded, all into character Jane net & other; Mountain home omen & throughout; And a proper fully in qingli simple world of fireworks. This time to Beijing, he abandoned the hotel buffet, went to the qinfeng steamed stuffed bun to eat snacks, the result is a disappointment, & other; So so, certainly can’t seriously & throughout; .

to eat, ShuGuoZhi has its own practice: the conservative conservative, the innovation of innovation. Conservative ways such as: milk to buy back is must drink, drink don’t just throw it away, not in the refrigerator and so on drink next time. Innovative ways such as: in the shop for a cup of watermelon juice, he wanted to please people to play, add a piece of pineapple that & other; Water xi xi of watermelon juice is added a sour taste honey & throughout; . More excessive, further requirement owner squeeze of lemon slices, such & other; Watermelon juice the fragrance of the liver and depressive therapy many Italian & throughout; .

such a seemingly arbitrary and capricious and to adhere to the way of life has brought ShuGuoZhi legions of fans.

& other; I didn’t expect that so many young readers, many after 80. Last time in Shanghai, small treasure and shen hongfei asked me, now many young people how can suddenly fell in love with you that book? I said I don’t know, I don’t want to young people in this way, but the old man is not willing to see. Throughout the &;