Wedding couple together chanting poems in tang dynasty the zhou dynasty wedding without music dark look

wedding in the tang dynasty

wedding in the tang dynasty

this year, & other; 5 & middot; 20 & throughout; Heat not to years, a lot of hotel reception already fully booked

9, Chinese wedding culture seminar held in chongqing, wedding experts remind & ndash; & ndash; & ndash;

the ancient wedding has exquisite, be careful be neither fish nor fowl

some can’t wear white shoes, some required to wear black

& other; 5 & middot; 20 & throughout; More and more people are coming, wedding. Many people love to a Chinese wedding, little imagine, also spent many money, also took a lot of effort, Chinese wedding is not authentic.

yesterday, zhuhai held a seminar on Chinese wedding culture, the domestic many people to attend the wedding experts, industry association. Authentic Chinese wedding actually looks like, how to operate? The chongqing evening news reporter to take you out together.

the scene of yesterday, the Chinese wedding industry committee director-general, the wedding bride standardization technical committee secretary general Shi Kangning officially for the first time put forward the concept of Chinese style wedding, & other; Chinese style wedding etiquette, etiquette, etiquette, dress is very unique. Throughout the &;

what is the Chinese wedding? Says Shi Kangning, it includes date wedding, the wedding ceremony, the royal wedding (also called royal wedding), national, regional, MinSuXing wedding wedding wedding a few broad categories. & other; It is not the same as Chinese wedding, also not a Chinese wedding, contains is wider than Chinese wedding, now the prevalence of match well of Chinese and western wedding, is actually an extension of Chinese wedding. Throughout the &;

wedding industry committee, a traditional Chinese wedding culture researchers Pan Wang the introduction, the date in the wedding, the most popular with new people is the zhou dynasty, the han dynasty and tang dynasty three dynasties of the wedding.

& other; The most complex is the zhou dynasty’s wedding. Throughout the &; Pan Wang opinions, he once many times make ancient wedding arrangements, the zhou dynasty wedding is the most complicated, simplified there are 32. And the han dynasty took their cue from the zhou dynasty’s etiquette, wedding also has more than 20; The tang dynasty is simplified to the 13 to 16 links.

& other; To hold such a wedding, the price does not poor. Throughout the &; Pan Wang opinions, the most expensive wedding date to spend 650000 yuan of above, cheap also want to more than 10, ten thousand yuan. And folk custom wedding wedding, regional price is relatively cheap, low in 30000 yuan.