Weekly report of the republic of China hu after marry foreign firm manager Is called pan wife is so shy

tianjin business illustrated

tianjin business illustrated reports after hu was married news

the author: Zhou Li written/credit

in July 1930, tianjin noblige Wang Bolong French concession 24 road (now changchun road) founded in tianjin Business Weekly. Table for comprehensive journal, journal style to imitate the beiyang illustrated, basic editions for woodfree printing paper, four version.

as best actress hu childhood had the Catholic church in tianjin women’s school, thus illustrated is particularly interested in her growth, with more than one page report her message, especially hu was married before and after some of the reports more informative, the most characteristic and influential.

on November 23, 1935, is located in Shanghai and intersection of jiangxi jiujiang road a church thronged, best actress hu and Shanghai dexing, general manager of the company for pan sound wedding ceremony are held here, and the road cable yinghua street restaurant banquet. Star company tien han and deep joint for hong hu sent a message, and at the wedding ceremony, the star company’s colleagues chorus singing the mid-term for hu hu wedding song.

in the north of tianjin business illustrated in a few days before the wedding was reported in detail. On November 21, the tianjin business illustrated above home page is a picture & other; Ms actress hu game statues & throughout; ; 3 edition is & other; Butterfly wedding pages & throughout; , there are eight pictures, including engagement photos, pictures, cordate telosma stills, hu to visit Europe with Germany star li Lin & middot; Ha group photo sticks, etc.; Publication titled “hope married miss butterfly” articles in the expression of hu and Pan Lang & other; Both a lifetime of grandchildren & throughout; Blessing at the same time, also hope to married hu don’t leave the screen; On top of the page is unique to design two blank signature, hope & other; A pair of dimple makes, filled with tens of millions of people throughout & heat and love; Hu and Pan Lang two new people, you have the chance, be sure to signature to a newspaper.

on December 19, the tianjin business illustrated the movie version, reported that hu was married life, published mei lanfang, li Lin & middot; Pictures of gifts such as sticks. Signature jinde reporter with “in & other butterfly house & throughout; in a morning”, reported the news in his hu was a new house in the city: & other; & lsquo; Hu & rsquo; Three words a call, and pharynx back in a moment, busy Mrs Shifted to shout a pan with a smile. She is so shy, two peach blossom to face light up, as the saying goes habit is a second nature, shout accustomed to miss hu, as a noun in the past, hehe! A beautiful new house smelling of the classroom, sit four people: one is the master of the house audio pan jun, one is his new wife, ms hu is a Pan Jun old mother-in-law & ndash; & ndash; Ms. Hu’s mother, one is me. When everyone is happy, I can’t find a proper word to congratulate them. I am for taken as, don’t have to consume the family time, precious and sweet down camera now, and ask them to three sitting on a sofa, took a picture, this is the first a virgin winner on the mid-term. Ms. Hu said that to happen to you, I have a few pieces of the most lovely gift, please take two photos, because the weather is too good today. Said the set up and led me to a jade butterfly, this is Mr City da-chao li to send me, this is yunnan jade, white and greasy, how you look at its light soft and beautiful! Turned around and pointed to the wall in the picture frame with a request of your figure, exhausting is mei lanfang three words. The value of this painting has a real history! Hence brought me DuoRu dormitory (bridal chamber), picked up a hand mirror on makeup stage, ornamental silver edge, on the back of the chip with colored velvet pile into a butterfly, as if to live, like to spread your wings and fly away. She said this is li Lin & middot; Ha sticks in Paris to send to me. After finishing, leaning on her side in embroidered with a butterfly on the pillow, looking at the hanging above the bed of a gilt-edged mirror, bright red satin framed a picture, is this newspaper editor Wang Bolong lady put Dan ms ling painted 5 butterfly, and there are old men in the inscription of the mountain. No wonder Ms. Hu is a photo taken with the picture adjustment. Whatever to bridal chamber to relatives and friends, who is not speaking to a few words of praise! Throughout the &;