Wei-ping nie call go more suitable for Chinese chess response: I didn’t mean to belittle chess

these days & other; Bear comparison with chess saint & throughout; Wei-ping nie an “go more appropriate call national game” post in QiJie go with chess against from a distance, a lot of national chess player accused mugu) degeneration of chess. Mugu) see online was astounded after reports of the day: & other; Ah? Is said I! When I will degrade the chess? Throughout the &;

after through the media reports, mugu) immediately call out, “he said chess blogs and twitter, he increasingly feel after see innocent: & other; I didn’t also say what words of chess, how rong-hua hu, Xu Tiangong are to blame me? Throughout the &;

mugu) said: & other; Now that the game was invented by our own, and has the profound connotation of culture and history, called & lsquo; The chess & rsquo; Not too much? Throughout the &; For the unique romance & other Chess & throughout; Refers to go say, mugu), said & other; Let me go to textual research is certainly not reality, but as I understand it, in the chess & lsquo; Cannon & rsquo; , it must be after the invention of gunpowder to finalize the design, at least after the tang dynasty, but in the era of YaoShunYu go to the legend, the spring and autumn period and the warring states period have been popular go,, mencius, such as times go, so according to this view, the unique romance & lsquo; Chess & rsquo; Refers to the game should be more reasonable. Throughout the &;

mugu) said he only say personal view, is not aimed at chess, more without demeaning to chess. However, he also said that his blog & other The son of the play go, the more chess under the less, the play go, the more complex, chess has become more and more concise & throughout; Say words of ambiguity, easily lead to ambiguity. & other; I said chess is more and more concise, chess technology secret less and less now, computer can grasp, defeat the human. Even so, of course, all about the human brain chess change also need N years. Of course I also play chess, know as the night progresses, chess with is, the more complex refractory. Throughout the &;