Weibo in life test death time accurate to seconds to alarm the net friend

(network life test screenshot)

27, a & other; Throughout a microblogging application & life test; Seen by many tests and diffusion, and test results, at the age of majority of netizens sigh and years of life too. 27, yangcheng evening contacted the microblogging application platform background, the person said, according to us scientists research conclusion, for reference only. For the reporter pressed by which scientists, the person is not be answered.

24 double subject to measure your life

25, a tweet called & other; Throughout life test &; Weibo by netizens test and transmission. Reporter open the test web page, see, this is called & other; Wow rob weibo application platform & throughout; Application of web pages, and number of your meaning, you can become rich, you this year has a crush on the success rate of testing.

life test page, according to the test result is for reference only and do not blind faith, but it’s not just entertainment, it has certain scientific basis. The test also said at the same time, & other; Aims to remind you to pay attention in our daily life is healthy, keep the environmental health of living habits. Throughout the &;

reporter click to enter the test in weibo. Testing interface immediately increased gender, date of birth, marital status, stress, sleep time, obesity, and blood pressure is normal no 24 “a choice. Reporters answer after 24 choice according to determine, according to the test, your life is about 82 years old. You is expected in 2062 AD on 18 December 7 57 minutes 33 seconds when death!

netizens fear oneself just a eighty – year – old life

the yangcheng evening news reporter noticed in weibo about & other; Throughout life test &; Online message, is more netizens to test their own age and life expectancy of a dismay surprise and cherish the current. The net friend & other; Chief wheel & throughout; Said, panic, it appears that from today I’m going to keep healthy habits.

in life test message, there are some like the figure of artists such as zhang xiaogang, zhou chunya. Zhang xiaogang, leave a message in response to a net friend said: I tested it twice, by the age of seven, in short life in the day, life under their feet, and memories in the photo. Have net friend say, here is the earliest birth in 1950, no us, I only look at the can give I made up a birthday, is a lie.

xiao-hui qin