Weibo users moving four great classics Tang’s monk microblogging has to the devil

these two days, Internet & other; Thinking about Mr & throughout; All & other; Imaginary weibo body & throughout; The four great classics in the romance of The Three Kingdoms, “journey to the west”, “water margin” are moved to the microblog, became & other; Laugh die & throughout; Most netizens jokes.

the day before yesterday afternoon, & other; Thinking about Mr & throughout; Sent a long weibo, named “The Three Kingdoms weibo”. & other; Thinking about Mr & throughout; Assuming that a kind of interesting possibilities: if there is a weibo in The Three Kingdoms period, those familiar & other; Liu closed & throughout; , & other Big Joe & throughout; Will send some of what content?

in the “The Three Kingdoms weibo,” said & other; Scraping a bone, cure a wound! Throughout the &; In order to & other; Picture is truth & throughout; , he also fill the & other; Scraping the bone healing & throughout; Of picture books illustration; Zhuge liang wrote a model for long weibo @ liu chan, the results of the following someone commented & other; A ghost & throughout; ; Sent a & other; Eldest brother, second brother died! Throughout the &; Comments, sent three & other; Crying & throughout; Expression; Zhou yu @ zhuge liang, said & other; Last I want to ask you a final question & throughout; Forward, zhuge liang weibo and answer the two word & other; Love & throughout; & hellip; & hellip;

the people familiar with the historical figures and events, with weibo deduce out, seemingly absurd, but there is no lack of sense. The net friend call & other; Mr Too talented! Throughout the &; By the time, & other; Thinking about Mr & throughout; This tweet, has been forwarded for nearly 90000 times, even Zhang Quanling, pan shiyi, such as add V celebrity, joined comments forwarded to. And then, the day before yesterday evening the west weibo, yesterday noon “shuihu weibo” also appeared. China’s four great classics, it is useless on weibo, jia baoyu was the only them.

& other; Imaginary weibo body & throughout; Fame, & other; Thinking about Mr & throughout; Fans for more than 100000 overnight. He couldn’t help feeling & other; Decade cold window unmanned ask, a famous all over the world. Throughout the &;

& other; Thinking about Mr & throughout; , name outer city wall, a 36-year-old man in shandong, career is free trainers. And he, is that this is called & other; Enterprise management throughout the writing &; The author of boiled westward journey.

& other; Write this is pure fun. Throughout the &; Outer city wall in the qianjiang evening news interview admitted that his inspiration stems from a net friend creation & other; The wartime weibo & throughout; And & other The end of the world weibo & throughout; , just & other; Because I have been familiar with four great classics, and quite good at the use of historical allusions throughout the moment &; , so, just write the jokes. And he said, “The Three Kingdoms weibo,” is your favorite jokes & other; Zhuge liang borrowed base & throughout; (see chart).

face numerous netizen wait & other; Red chamber weibo & throughout; Enthusiasm, said the outer city wall, have to wait two days, & other; Character relationship is too complicated, some not so good looking. Throughout the &;

he also revealed that the next may also write about & other; The analects weibo & throughout; What of, & other; Because to write this really weird fun. Throughout the &;

said weibo has changed the age, perhaps is not hyperbole. It not only changed the way of cultural transmission, can create his own culture, even those who was born & other; Weibo body & throughout; Is one of them: the former with taobao, the roaring genre, the Smurfs, after & other; The arrow in the knee body & throughout; , & other If you don’t learn throughout the body &; . However, & other; Imaginary weibo body & throughout; Seems to be a little different. It no longer borrow some popular sentence, but from the way people use microblogging, created the first real sense weibo own & other; Weibo body & throughout; .

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